Dog Barks Different Sounds

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dog bark soundsDogs don’t talk yes, a highly astute analysis wouldn’t you say? I mean we all love out dogs but it would be much more helpful if we could understand them. Well, canines may not be able to conjugate verbs but they have one thing they use to communicate their barking. Learn why a dog barks different sounds at different times when you read this helpful article today.

Like their human counterparts, dogs do not just communicate with what comes out of their mouths their body language is a good indicator of the current state of their minds. Generally, if a dog’s tail is wagging, he is happy and excited to see you. A tense body and a tails that are high and straight are usually signs of aggression.

Now, their body language will naturally follow their dog bark sounds. If you have been around dogs for more than a number of years, you will recognize that these furry creatures don’t just have one standard bark. There are a few of them. What are these sounds and what do they mean?

dog bark soundsProbably the scariest sound you can hear from a dog is a growling bark. This indicates aggression and is often a protective territorial instinct. This is a bark that starts out as a low rumble and is accompanied by a very hostile body language. The teeth are bared, the body is rigid and the tail is high. When you see your dog exhibiting these signs, pay attention. Potential danger might be lurking around and you should be more vigilant of your surroundings.

A yelping bark is a dog’s cry because he is in pain. Watch how he maneuvers his body. Canines usually cower and protect the area where it is most painful. A dog in pain is quite obvious and if you see your dog like this bring him to the vet immediately.

There is another kind of bark that your dog emits when he perceives that something is happening or something should be done about something. This is a series of short, sharp barks directed at something he cannot see but he hears or senses. You will notice these kinds of dog bark sounds when a visitor is just about to enter your home or another animal is close by.

dog bark soundsNow, there is another bark that is most common to us, this is when he is looking for attention and wants to play. This is usually a repetitive sound that yes, can get very annoying at times. It is ideal if you make time and bring him out to exercise but there are a lot of times that you are busy or you are too tired to make the trek outdoors. It’s ok do your best in your time spent with him and let him be the dog that he is.

Knowing why a dog barks different sounds at any given time is a helpful tool to be able to establish a better bond with your best friend. Enjoy!

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