Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review

Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review

Life’s Abundance Dog Food

Life’s Abundance Dog Food

Life's Abundance Dog Food– Dogs really do function better as carnivores, and should always have plenty of meat protein in their diet. Meat protein provides the building blocks of good dog health.

Certainly, a small to moderate amount of carbohydrates can play a secondary role in a dog’s diet, but dogs should be fed only highly digestible carbohydrates such as brown rice. Excessive and/or poorly digestible carbohydrates of the type found in cereal based dog foods that contain only small proportions of meat are not recommended.

Dogs are historically scavengers and of course, primarily meat eaters. In fact, a natural diet for dogs included bones, chunks of carcass, fish guts, animal guts and heads, together with rotten greens and fruits. In the pre-domesticated stage, dogs started to consume discarded human food, which continued until relatively recent times.

Have you ever wondered why many dogs love to go through your garbage can, and will more often than not eat any and everything in there if given the chance? Well look back in history, and you will discover your answer.

In fact, the major contributing factor in the domestication of dogs was their attraction to whatever food was available at human garbage dumps. Eventually, the tamer wolves that were the least threatened by human beings, over tens of thousands of years, became our companions and evolved into the various dog breeds we have today.

It stands to reason, therefore, that your dog’s digestive system is more suited to raw food coupled with some table scraps – natural dog food, than to most of the substandard rubbish that’s passed off as commercial dog food.

Life’s Abundance – from Fresh!

Life's Abundance Dog FoodBut if you don’t fancy feeding your dog raw food, then at least ditch the commercial dog food and feed your loved companion a quality, premium dog food that has the healthy goodness of a home cooked meal. Life’s Abundance dog food is made using only fresh, human-quality ingredients such as premium all natural chicken and top quality catfish with the best fresh fruit such as tree ripened applies, vegetables like crisp fresh carrots, and select farm foods such as eggs.

Life’s Abundance dog food also contains a superior blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also contains bacteria cultures that assists digestion. There are no artificial flavors, colors, sugars, or chemical preservatives – common ingredients in most commercial dog foods.

Dr Jane Bicks is responsible for product formulation and development of Life’s Abundance dog food – and cat food. Dr Bicks is a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian. She is the author of three national books on pet care and nutrition and has served on professional boards including the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Not all veterinarians have much idea on good nutrition for dogs, in fact most don’t. Conventional vets get most of their information from commercial pet food manufacturers. But if you’re fortunate enough to find a good holistic vet, you’re much more likely to learn the truth about healthy dog food.

Life’s Abundance is Premium Dog Food!

Life's Abundance Dog FoodLife’s Abundance dog food is a premium health food for your dog. Apart from the ingredients in the dog food you select, you should also be concerned about the cooking process used. Commercial pet foods are extruded at extremely high temperatures which effectively destroy any semblance of nutrition that may have been in the ingredients.

Life’s Abundance, on the other hand, is cooked in small batches using an exclusive “fast-cook” process that uses less heat to gently lock in more of the natural goodness and fresh taste of real food.

And they even go a step further to ensure the nutritional quality of Life’s Abundance pet food with their revolutionary reclosable, oxygen resistant packaging that ensures all the flavor, vitamins and natural nutrients from Life’s Abundance remains. So no preservatives of any kind are necessary – natural dog food at its best. In fact, this food is said to be just as natural and deliciously wholesome as if you’d made it yourself.

Life’s Abundance comes in a variety of formulations, to suit all types of dogs. Dry food is the cornerstone of the range. Life’s Abundance dry food selections include a premium healthy food that suits dogs of all breeds and life stages. If you’re after something more specific to your particular dog’s needs, you might want to try the Small to Medium Breeds Puppy Food or the Large Breed Puppy. These support the high energy levels of your puppy, and support your puppy’s growth. If your dog has any sensitivity to grains, as many dogs do, you should opt for the Life’s Abundance Grain Free formulation. And if your dog is already overweight, a great healthy option is the Adult Dog Weight Loss formulation.

If you’re a fan of canned dog foods, there are some yummy options here as well – try the Turkey and Shrimp in Broth or the Chicken and Crab in Sauce. And if you prefer grain free, there’s a grain free option in the canned variety as well – Pork and Venison Grain Free.

Don’t overlook the package options available. If you really want to give your dog a great start on the road to a long and healthy life, consider purchasing one of the Healthy Start packages, which comprise dog food, dog treats, as well as effective skin, coat and ear care solutions.

For more dog food reviews, and more on Life’s Abundance Dog Food, and other types of natural dog food, click on the hyperlinks to go to other helpful articles right here in the Healthier Dogs site.

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5 thoughts on “Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review

  1. Lori Tracy

    Has there been any comments (good or bad) in regard to Dr.’s Foster and Smith dog food – both dry and canned premium foods?

  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Lori,

    I saw your comment but thought I’d wait a few days to see whether anyone else responded.

    Drs Foster & Smith dry food (at least – I’m not sure about the canned) is highly regarded in some circles. It’s not one of my favorites. I specifically don’t like canned foods. But although the ingredients in the dry food by Drs Foster & Smith are reasonable, they’re not human grade, and it concerns me that on their site they compare themselves (albeit favorably) to the likes of Hills Science Diet and Eukanuba.

    Hills Science Diet and Eukanuba foods (in my opinion) are extremely low quality – better, perhaps, than most supermarket brands, but still very low quality.

    Why compare yourself to low quality foods? To me it implies that you’re in the same general category.

    Why not compare themselves to some foods that are very good quality natural dog foods – Life’s Abundance dog food (see above), Sojos homemade dog food, Honest Kitchen dog food, Flint River Ranch food, and many more?

    Those are my thoughts.


  3. Milan peric

    Hi My name is Milan Peric and I live all the way in Australia. I just have to say how thankfull im for you guys trying to make happier and healthier lifestyle for our pets.

    I have researched throughly from product to product of dog food and you guys seem to stand out from the rest of them. Therefore I wanted to buy the Life’s Abundance dog food porduct for my 3 moth old beagle puppy, but Im having trouble buying this product over the net because I im not in USA. I really want to despretally try this prodct for my pet so Id be very thankfull if you can somehow give me some info where to go or possibly provide me with your distributors from Australia who actually sell this.

    Thank you for your patience and I hope to hear from you soon.

    email: kordunas @ (remove the spaces)

  4. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Milan,

    Life’s Abundance dog food is unfortunately not available in Australia.

    An excellent dog food I highly recommend that is available in Australia is Orijen.


  5. Brigitte Smith

    Just noticed my above comment. Unfortunately Orijen is no longer available in Australia. The next best option is Eagle Pack, which is also available at the healthy dog food link. Eagle Pack and the BARF patties are the only products I recommend at that site, though.


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