Chihuahua Training

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Chihuahua Training

Chihuahua BreedWho doesn’t know what a doll Chihuahuas can be? They are ridiculously cute and adorable, especially when they’re all decked out in little clothing their sometimes over doting owners often dress them up in. Don’t be fooled by its size though, Chihuahua training is a must if you want an orderly and peaceful home.

That’s right – this canine may be small in size but big in personality. If you’ve never had a Chihuahua, just ask any Chi owner and they will tell you that I am not lying. When they are left untrained and unrestrained in their antics, they can manipulate their owners and this will result in a skewed household.

One thing about Chis is that they are smart creatures. They need to be mentally and physically stimulated to be happy. If you use this to your advantage, then training them wouldn’t be as challenging as you think. Remember though that you need to be extremely patient when dealing with rambunctious breeds like them for any training to be effective.Chihuahua Training

Chis are not the best family dogs because of their less than inviting nature to children. They are, however, very protective of their owner and will stay close to them as often as they possibly can. Therefore, one of the most important things you can ever teach your Chihuahua is socialization skills.

Socialization lessons should start as early as 7 weeks. It will be harder to teach them after 3 to 4 months of age. Without the proper socialization training, your dog can become aggressive and excessively anti-social. They will not adapt well to new environments or situations. Solve this problem by introducing him to different types of people as early as possible. Take him with you to busy places frequently so he will get comfortable with crowds. Bring him out to car rides whenever you can.

Chihuahua TrainingYou might think toy dog breeds won’t be too much of a problem around the house, but make sure you don’t let them get away with pooping indoors. Potty train these little mutts early on, otherwise they will feel that every home is an acceptable elimination station. You don’t want to go on visits to your friends’ homes and be embarrassed when your little doggie leaves a little present behind now do you?

No matter how cute your Chi is, don’t forget that you should let him know that you are the head of the pack. Let him follow you and don’t let him enter the house before you. Be affectionate and loving towards him, but don’t overdo it. Also, as much as possible, don’t allow his head to be higher than your shoulders when you pick him up to hug him. Let him watch you eat before you give him his meals. These simple tricks will keep him in place and make him more submissive to you.

These simple Chihuahua training tips will help in making sure that you don’t get bullied around by a 6 pound dog. Do your best and enjoy your time with these lively and affectionate dogs today!

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