Dog Obesity

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Dog Obesity

How Do I Help My Dog Lose Weight?
by: Russell Richer

Dog Obesity

Much like their owners, more and more dogs worldwide are showing signs of obesity. Besides limiting their enjoyment of life as a dog, extra body weight can lead to to joint and heart problems, shorter lives, and sometimes behavioral issues.

The easiest way to tell whether or not your dog is obese is to examine his body. Try the following:

  • Have him stand up, then stand above him. Does his body slope inward at the waist?
  • Run your hands over his sides from front to back legs. Can you feel his ribs fairly easily?
  • Feel the base of his tail. Are the bones easily detectable?
  • Look at him from the side. Does his tummy slope upward as it gets closer to his tail?

If you answered no to any of the questions, your pup is probably overweight. If you answered “What waist/ribs/tail bones?” and “Upward? Really?,” your pup is probably obese.

The methods for treating obesity in dogs is fairly simple: eat less, exercise more.

Eat less

  • If your dog has a constant supply of food, remove it.
  • Buy a food scoop with measuring lines and portion his food based on the charts on your food labels.
  • Create a feeding schedule and stick to it. Whether you split the amount among two feedings or one larger meal, stay with the routine and he’ll adjust to it.Dog Obesity

Be forewarned, though. Dogs are survival eaters and don’t react well when their food supply is threatened. She may suddenly, start raiding the trash or taking food off of the counter.

Exercise more

It won’t take any convincing to get your dog to exercise more, just get the leash and head out for a walk.

Plan to spend an hour total every day walking. I realize that it’s hard these days to find the time. If you have kids, drag them away from the TV and go for a family walk after dinner. If you work out yourself, figure out a way to incorporate your dog into your routine.

On the weekends, head to the park with a tennis ball or a Frisbee.

Think of it this way:

Would you rather see your dog running, tongue out, tail wagging for 10 years, or that he lay around the house for five?

How many people get to have a to-do list that includes “Play with Dog”?

The right diet and exercise can make your dog more social, more obedient, and more dedicated to you due to the extra time you spend together.

Wasn’t that the whole reason you deDog Obesitycided to get a dog in the first place?

– Some great ideas there for keeping your dog health and trim. I love the idea of keeping fit and healthy ourselves while at the same time benefiting our dogs. – Not to mention spending quality time with them as well!

But if your dog has serious obesity problems and you’re finding that reducing the quantity of food is not working adequately, you may want to look at a dog obesity food that’s ready made and will help your dog lose that unhealthy additional weight.

Naturally, if you’re at all worried about your dog’s weight, you should always consult your vet for advice. An overweight dog is not a healthy dog, and there may be reasons other than overeating, that your dog has become overweight.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Obesity

  1. Doris Rossetti

    Don’t let your pet become obese! We did this to our dog and now we have to give her insulin shots every day. She became a diabetic.

  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Doris,

    I couldn’t agree more. Obesity is unhealthy for people and animals alike, and Diabetes is ever on the increase because people don’t heed this warning.

    Healthy eating for your dog is of the utmost importance. Generally dogs fed a healthy diet do not become obese, but it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on portion size for those dogs who just don’t know when to stop, and will eat anything!


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