How to Identify Dog Health Problems

How to Identify Dog Health Problems

Dog Health ProblemsDog Health Problems – How to Identify Them and How to Treat Them
by: Brigitte Smith

An essential to your dog’s health is his/her regular annual checkup with the vet.

Whether or not you choose to have your dog vaccinated* at this time, the annual checkup is also an excellent opportunity for a thorough physical examination to be carried out, and a time to discuss any minor problems or issues which you feel may be affecting your dog’s health or well-being.

Your dog’s annual checkup is a time when your vet may pick up inherited diseases and the like (when your dog is young) so they can be treated early, or just kept an eye on.

And as your dog gets older, the vet may find the early signs of more sinister illnesses during the checkup.

About three years back, I took my dogs for their annual checkup, and for the first time alarms were raised about matters of significant concern – it was thought that Kara might have early stages of lymphoma (cancer) – which, fortunately, tests then proved to be not the case.

And Jet apparently had something akin to the early stages of cataracts in her eyes, and according to the vet, Jet was likely to go progressively blind over the next several years. At least knowing that in advance gave me the opportunity to watch for any developing signs and, if and when necessary, adapt her outings and home environment to take into account any sight loss. It also allowed me to look into natural eyesight remedies for dogs – and the one I’m using really does seem to be doing the trick.

Most importantly, it made me realize that a good vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs is actually a very wise idea.

* There are natural alternatives to [tag]vaccinations[/tag], and significant controversy as to whether vaccinations are necessary or desirable in adult dogs at all..

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3 thoughts on “How to Identify Dog Health Problems

  1. KAREN

    My 4yr old female dog has had a gassy stomach. She is uncomfortable with it I’v tried rolaid, pepto and it helps but it returns in another 6 weeks. What can I do to prevent this?

  2. Denise


    I live in massachussets & I have been everywhere with my two dogs. I have seen integrative vets taditional vets & have been to the money guzzling institutuins that I won’t name. Both my dogs were dx with a thyroid condition by an intergrative vet & the traditional side isn’t sure. The next step will be sending the the specimen to Dr. Dodds but thwt were also assumped that they had an endocrine Immune drficiency by the integrative vet who suports Alfred Plechners theorie. I got plechners book & it sounded like a lot of these symptoms they were having was because of the negative feed back loop that is associated with the adrenal glands needed to balance out the corisol & estrogen. They went on plechners low dose of hydrocortisone & I know from being in the n=science field corisone can be tricky but some doctors feel that the vet schools are behind the 8 ball & ironically use it themselves. I know of Jean Dodds * her work & agree with her but from what I heard she thinks Plechner is to far out there & other way beyond his time, I know he was blackballed by the vets so he works with people. So, finally my question is have you heard of Plechner & what is your opinion? They have done well on hydrocort but I don’t want it to have a negative effect on anything else. Thank you Denise

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