Why A Dog Barks

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Why A Dog Barks

Why Your Dog Barks

Dog BarksI love my dog. We all do, right? They are our best friends and they will love us till our dying breath. Sometimes though, when a dog barks it can be annoying. When they just persist in their repetitive dog barks and you don’t understand why, or you are too tired to play with them, you’ve had thoughts of getting trading them in for a cat. Alright, for some of you, never a cat but you have been exasperated by your beloved dog because of their barking at least once in your life, right? So what can we do about it?

Now, before you try to find the magic pill to stop your dog’s incessant barking, remember that there are instances when their barking is useful even life saving. Their growling dog barks that alert us of danger and even scare off potential harmful people is an award-worthy canine quality you must value. When they are in pain, their whining yelps will signal to us that it’s time to take them to the vet and this can save their own lives. Understand that some of their dog barks are important and instead of dismissing the sounds right away, find out the source of why they are barking first.

Why a Dog Barks


Dog Barks

Why do dogs bark anyway? Unless you have a really laid back dog like a St. Bernard or a Newfoundland, expect high levels of energy in canines. A dog barks because they want attention and they have excessive amounts of energy they want to lavish with you. How about letting them vent this energy and have them run around your backyard until they are tired, but not too fatigued. Let them play with other neighborhood dogs. This can help with minimizing the barking of your pet.

Now, I’ve got a friend with a dog that barks so much that it would embarrass her to bring her beloved pet to public places lest he starts bothering other people. What can you do if this is you? There are some tricks that you can do to quiet them when needed.

When you train your dog to do anything, keep in mind that he does not understand a word you’re saying. He is not equipped with language skills so you need to communicate your command through body language initially until they associate the word you use to a specific action. Be strong and firm when you give commands. Be kind, but let him know that you are his authority.

Dog Barks2Many people use the water spray technique in training their dogs to unlearn undesirable actions. When he starts barking incessantly, spray him with water on his face and say Quiet! Dogs don’t like water being sprayed on them and he will remember to avoid doing what he is doing when you sprayed him water. Do this a few times and you will see a vast improvement in his barking behavior.

Learn more about each other and enjoy more happy years together when you do! Dog barks may be annoying but always remember to be good to your dog all the time.

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