Wet or Dry Food, Which is Better for Dogs?  

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Wet or Dry Food, Which is Better for Dogs?  

In the market, there are two types of dog food available, namely wet or fresh food and dry food. The difference between these two foods lies in the shape and texture of the food. As the name suggests, wet food has a more mushy and watery texture. Meanwhile, dry food is the opposite. Do dogs like dry food or fresh food better?

Dog food is divided into two types, namely wet food and dry food. Here’s the difference:

Dog Dry Food
In terms of appearance and presentation, dry food is claimed to be superior when compared to wet food. This is because this type of food tends to be easier to store and can be placed in the dog’s food bowl for a long time.

Dry food is said to provide less water for pet dogs. This is important for the dog’s body, especially if the pet dog is often exposed to the sun or has a tendency to age.

Wet Food
Wet food contains more water than dry food, so it can help hydrate your dog. In terms of taste, wet food is also usually preferred and can make the dog fuller, thus avoiding overeating.

Long-term consumption of wet food is said to have the potential to damage or cause dental problems. In terms of practicality, this type of food is also a bit lost, because wet food tends to spoil quickly if it is removed from the can or when served.

Then, which type of food should be chosen for a pet dog? Wet food or dry food?

The answer comes back to the dog’s condition and needs. However, because these two types of food both have their advantages and disadvantages, you can try combining these two types of food. Sometimes a combination of wet and dry food can be the best option to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

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