Important Information on Worming Puppies

Important Information on Worming Puppies

Worming PuppiesWhen you think of puppies I bet your mind goes to faces of adorable little fur balls fresh, and healthy out of their mum’s wombs, right? Wrong. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but majority of dogs are born with worm infestation. I know, it doesn’t jive well with your image. It is important that you know important information on worming puppies to prevent the escalation of many canine health problems.

You might be wondering, how in the world can puppies be born with worms? I mean, they didn’t even have the chance to get dirty and already there are worms wiggling their way up the little pup’s internal systems? I agree, it sounds unfair but that’s the reality of it.

When pregnant mothers have not been de-wormed properly, they pass on these internal pWorming Puppiesarasites to their babies. The larvae of the worms migrate to the different organs of the bodies lungs, intestines, heart, and when they are fully grown, begin to lay more eggs. Do not be deceived in to thinking that your dogs do not have worms just because you don’t see evidence of it in their stool. Remember, most of these parasites are really small and will not be visible to the naked eye. If you want to check if your dog has worm infestation, you can bring a stool sample to the vet and have him verify your dog’s condition.

So it’s critical that you de-worm your dog as soon as possible. It is recommended that the 1st worming for puppies begin on their 2nd week and every 2nd week for the next three months. Many experienced pet owners also suggest that you de-worm your dog regularly after that for preventative measures. You should ask your vet with regard to the product and frequency of the worm prevention medication your puppy will be taking.

Worming PuppiesThere are many over the counter de-worming medication, but I strongly recommend that you use herbal and organic products only. Many synthetic medications are actually pesticides milder in formulation but still harmful nonetheless. You can’t imagine pumping your puppy with a measured dosage of pesticide every month now would you? Doing so can really make him more unhealthy in the long run.

While some people tend to discount the severity of worm infestation in dogs, keep in mind that this is not only detrimental to your pet’s health it can also be detrimental to your family’s well-being as well. Common intestinal parasites like the roundworms and tapeworms can be transmitted to human beings. This is especially true for children who might have weaker immune systems than adults, and have more physical contact with animals as well.

Worming puppies should be a priority to any responsible household. Most herbal de-worming treatments also have other health benefits that your pet can use as well. Do your best in keeping your dog as healthy as he can be, and you will not regret it. A healthy and happy dog is a reward well worth any effort you will put in it. Enjoy!

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