Dog Obedience Training – Stop Barking Dogs

Dog Obedience Training – Stop Barking Dogs

Dog Obedience TrainingDog obedience should be an important issue for all dog owners. You might think your neighbor’s dog is such a good dog while you have a lovable, but un-trainable little rascal of a pet. That’s not true. All dogs can be trained but you have to get them started as soon as possible. You want to enjoy a well-trained dog and have other people be comfortable around him right? Dog obedience training is not only a luxury that many opt to take – it is a necessity that all masters should make a priority.

Dog Obedience – A Necessity!


Dog Obedience Training - Stop Barking DogsThe foundation of effectively training your dog is to make sure that he knows who you are to him. You have to establish your position as his authority. Use a clear, strong voice when you command him and do not waver when he whines or turns difficult. When he understands that you are the head he will strive to do things that will please you, hence you will have a much easier time training him – dog obedience will come easier to him, and to you!

Another good trick you can use to ensure dog obedience is operant conditioning. This basically means that you use favorable stimulus to promote good behavior and unpleasant stimulus to avoid undesirable behavior. Remember, no matter how super smart you believe your canine to be, he is still an animal and he has no language skills by which to understand you. He understands good and bad via your body language and pleasant/unpleasant sensations he is feeling.

Dog Obedience – Stop Barking Dogs

Stop Barking Dogs - Dog Obedience TrainingAn example for training to stop barking dogs is by spraying your dog cold water in his face when he begins to bark incessantly. This does not particularly feel good for dogs, and encourages dog obedience in the longer term. Reprimand him sharply when he barks and spray a blast of water again in his face. If you do this a few times, your dog will comprehend that loud and relentless noise is not good and he will avoid doing so.

Dog Obedience Commands

Dog Obedience TrainingAlways use the same phrase when you give your dog a specific command. “Sit” and “Sit down” and “Down, Boy” are three completely different things for your dog, even if for you it’s just the same thing. You will just end up confusing and frustrating him when you scold him for not doing something he doesn’t even understand.

While reprimands are necessary to rectify bad behavior, it is always better to use positive reinforcement with your precious pet. I mean, you don’t want him to associate you or obedience training with unpleasant memories, right? Make sure to focus more on what he does right and lavish him with praise and attention when he does. Sure doggie treats are great but nothing spells I love you to your pet more than your attention and praise.

It is ideal to start training your dog when he is still young but it doesn’t mean that you cannot teach old dogs new tricks, or even correct bad dog obedience habits. You can, but you must be consistent and patient when you do. It won’t be long before the fruits of your dog obedience training start showing and when they do – the rewards will be sweet.

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