Helpful Tips on Worming Dogs

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Helpful Tips on Worming Dogs

Worming DogsIf you are a new pet owner, there is something you must know about 95% of all dogs have worm infestation. You might be thinking I’ve been pretty good with my dog, I doubt he has worms. Well, that’s good but think about this, most puppies are born already with worms so however well you’re taking care of your pet, there are still many things you can learn about worming dogs that can help save you from needless canine medical expenses.

How can learning about dog worms save me on my vet bills? Dog worms fall under the small but terrible category. These parasites are almost invisible, but they get into the animal’s system and migrate their way into the other areas of his internal systems. When the larvae mature, or if adult worms lay even more eggs in critical organs of the body, serious health complications may arise.

That is why puppy worming is highly recommended. Go to the vet and have the new dog examined thoroughly for worm infestation. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t see it, it’s not there. There are several kinds of worms (round worms, tape worms, whip worms, hook worms, etc.) and there are different ways of treating them. Bring the pup to the vet 2 weeks after he was born and check what the best preventative worm medication you can use for him is.

If the worm infestation is verWorming Dogsy severe, there are many drugs that are available to immediately remove these parasites from your dog’s system. Be very vigilant of the chemicals that are getting into your dog though. Many of these drugs are too potent for animals and are dangerous when used consistently over a period of time. Opt instead for natural products that contain organic compounds that will cure your dog’s condition.

How will you know if your dog has worms? Common symptoms are vomiting, lack of appetite and weight loss for animals. Typically, he will also have chronic diarrhea and his coat will look dry and dull. If your pet has internal parasites and his immune system is shot, he will be even more susceptible to other canine diseases. It is very important therefore, to provide him a nutritious diet that will boost his immune system.

Worming DogDo whatever you can to avoid worm infestation. Roundworms and tapeworms are very common parasites that make its way into our dog’s system. The unfortunate thing about this is that these worms can be easily transferred to humans as well. Remove feces (a breeding ground for bacteria), and clean your home well to reduce chances of worms from invading your home. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling your dog to avoid the risk of accidentally contaminating yourself with worms.

Worming dogs is a basic and important responsibility of pet owners. Use this helpful information to help you get started on it right away. It only takes a little effort from you to prevent this from happening, but the lasting consequences are worth it.

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