I’m a dog lover, probably much like yourself.  I love to spread the word about things that I believe are important to our dogs’ health, and that are likely to increase our dogs’ lifespan, such as healthy dog food, eliminating poisons and chemicals from our dogs’ environment (including chemical flea treatments, worm treatments and the like), and reducing the need for conventional medications, many of which can have nasty side effects.

You’ll find more information on dog health at HealthyHappyDogs.com

Please note however, that I am not a vet and I have no veterinary training whatsoever.  I speak only from the perspective of a dog owner like yourself.

I stress that nothing substitutes for good veterinary advice, and if you are worried at all about any aspect of your dog’s health, do not ever rely on information you find online.  Don’t delay – see your vet.

Brigitte Smith
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  1. Helene ashmore

    Hi Brigitte, i read with sincere interest your many articles that pop up in my mail . I have four yorkshire terriers and they are my greatest source of companionship and amusement. I love your dedication to serving the pet publics needs as far as understanding that pets are not JUST PETS , they are living breathing creatures with the same needs as humanoids : LOVE is giving attentive careful attention to their health requirements , and training also includes as much companionship as you can find time , indeed , MAKE time to one qwho will lay down THEIR life for you You are a blessing ! HSA

  2. Sarah

    Thank you for a wonderful, useful website!!

    Just a suggestion – I read your article on Assistance Dogs/Service Dogs… Please don’t forget that Medical Alert Dogs are Assistance Dogs too! They help people who have epilepsy, diabetes, psychological conditions and much, much more! It would be wonderful if you would add information about them to your article!

    Thanks again for a really useful resource!!

  3. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for pointing that out. They do say in the article about service dogs the following:

    ” Service dogs help people who are physically disabled, as well as those who have seizure disorders and other medical conditions. They can pull wheelchairs, open and close doors, retrieve items that are dropped or out of reach, alert a person of an upcoming seizure, turn light switches off and on, bark for alert, find another person, assist by providing balance and stability and many other individual tasks, depending on the needs of the disabled person. Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers make good service dogs. Either a backpack or a harness can identify Service Dogs. ”

    Perhaps this could have been expanded upon more, and been more specific in relation to the dogs actually being trained to use the medic alert service.

    And thanks for your kind comments on the website generally!


  4. Barbara Edwards

    I really enjoy your newsletter. Is it possible to reprint any articles in our breed magazine if we give information as to where we got the information and how to subscribe to your on line articles?
    Thank you for a great and informatial newsletter.
    Barbara Edwards

  5. K P Henne

    Tried to buy one of your packages but found that Australia was not in your list of countries. New Zealand is but not Australia for some reason



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