What Should Be Avoided in Dog Food  

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What Should Be Avoided in Dog Food  

When thinking about what to feed your dog, dog food is the obvious choice, and for good reason. Despite its moniker, this food is a great choice since it contains the essential nutrients your dog needs to grow into a healthy, active adult. However, not all ingredients in dog food are good for your dog’s health. Some of them are only fillers or preservatives, while others are nutritionally insignificant. What ingredients should be avoided in dog food?

Ten items to stay away from in dog food are listed below to assist you with this.

1. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)
The first item on our list is butylated hydroxyanisole or BHA. It serves as a chemical preservative when added to fats and oils. In Europe, the US, and Canada, BHA is legal to use, but only in extremely modest doses.

2. White Flour
Once taken, this flour has the power to substantially alter the blood sugar levels of dogs. Additionally, it only keeps people full for a short while before they start to feel hungry again. When this happens, your dog consumes more than usual, increasing the likelihood that the animal will develop diabetes and obesity.

3. Meat Meal
Since there is little to no quality control, meat dishes are merely used as fillers with little to no protein. It is therefore preferable to stay away from them completely. If you have no choice but to feed your dog a meat meal, pick one that lists the types of meat it contains.

4. Food Coloring Synthetic
However, it is not at all required to color dog food for animals. Your dog doesn’t really care what color its food is, after all. The most popular food colors are also associated with severe food allergies and hyperacidity.

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