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Electric Dog CollarsDog training is an essential part of being a responsible pet owner. I mean, it is one thing to have a fun and loving pet to greet you when you get home, it is an entirely different matter to have a well-behaved and obedient dog you can be proud of. It is vitally important that your dog will not prove to be a hazard to other people outside your house. There are several tools that professional dog trainers use, one of which is electric dog collars.

What are electric dog collars? If you have an image of accidentally pressing a button that zaps your dog to a crisp, rest your fears. These collars are nothing like those and I will never recommend something that will harm your dog. I will, however, present options available to you in the most objective way possible.

There are several types of electric dog collars. The one that gains the most controversy is the shock collar. A shock collar is a device which transmits static electricity in varying degrees through the collar of the canine.

Electric Dog CollarsWhile most of the pet owners who use this profess its efficacy and safety by only applying the lowest possible frequency level, many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of letting their dogs undergo a mild “shock” treatment just to get them to avoid bad behavior. Definitely users of this have sincere and noble intentions, but excessive and improper use of shock collars can result in aggressive or fearful dogs that most pet owners will rather not risk.

Fortunately, there are other types of electric dog collars you can use. Some dog collars emit sounds that startle the dog into stopping the act that he is doing. If you use this, always start with the lowest volume and only increase it if the dog does not respond to the noise that is emanating from his collar.

Now, there are also dog collars that vibrate. This is perhaps one of the most effective tools you can use in canine training. It will not harm your dog, but it can surprise your dog sufficiently to stop whatever he is doing. This is particularly helpful in certain circumstances wherein your dog is off running somewhere that might not be safe, or is about to pick up something that can be harmful to him.Electric Dog Collars

When using these special dog collars, make sure that you do not let your dog see that you are holding the device that is operating the sounds or vibrations that his collar is producing. Otherwise, he might be fearful of you or distrust you. Keep the device in your pocket and only use it when needed. It is always better to use positive reinforcement in training your canine to be obedient.

Electric dog collars are just one of the many tools that you can use in training your pet. Find out more helpful tips and information on dog training when you click on the links in this article today. Enjoy!

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