Causes and Treatment For Bad Dog Breath

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how to get rid of bad dog breathI know you love your dog but let’s admit it their breath leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, dog breath doesn’t usually smell great anyways, but if you think it smells nastier than usual it might mean that something is wrong with them health-wise.

Often, the reason why a canine’s breath has a rancid odor is because of inadequate dental care. Tooth decay is one possible cause. Dog’s teeth should be cleaned regularly. Plaque build-up results in rotten teeth and subsequently, bad breath. Other times, stray food or a foreign object gets stuck in his teeth and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which will give off a foul smell when left on its own.

Another very common reason of bad canine breath is periodontal disease or gingivitis. Normally, a healthy dog’s gums look pink and his breath doesn’t really smell exceptionally bad. When he begins to develop gingivitis, you will notice brown spots begin to appear on some of his teeth and his gums will have a reddish strihow to get rid of bad dog breathpe running across it.

Other times, bad breath is a symptom of some health problems in the kidneys or lungs. A bleeding stomach ulcer is another potential cause for his foul breath. That is why it is very important that you visit the vet when you think that your dog’s breath smells particularly bad. In case it is a symptom of another more serious disease, corrective treatment can be administered immediately.

If you have your pet examined and the results show that he is healthy it only means one thing. You need to better take care of your dog’s dental hygiene. I know it seems like a small matter in the over-all scheme of things but you should take the time to clean his teeth regularly. After all, you don’t want him to slobber all over you and faint because of the force of his horrific breath on your face right?

The best way on how to get rid of bad dog breath is establishing the regular habit of brushing his teeth. Start out with covering your finger with gauze and gently rub his teeth in a circular motion, all the while praising him. When he gets used to this, then you can use a real toothbrush to clean his teeth.

how to get rid of bad dog breathDo not share toothpastes with your pet. First of all, that’s a little gross. Secondly, a specially formulated dog toothpaste has properties that make it more appealing to the canines. Brush his teeth thoroughly and do not neglect his upper back teeth. This is often the area where tooth decay and gingivitis sets in. Make it a positive experience for your dog. Chewing on dog toys are another great way on how to get rid of bad dog breath.

When you take the time and do the necessary efforts to improve your dog’s dental hygiene, you will be rewarded with dog breath that will not kill people on contact. Use this opportunity as a great bonding experience with your dog. Enjoy!

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