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Problem Solving Dogs

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One of my readers, Sarah,  sent me this interesting story about how she gives her dogs problem solving, fun, activities, and the differences in how they deal with these situations. So here is Sarah’s story … Here’s an activity I do with our dogs to encourage their problem-solving skills. I read it in a book entitled, 101 activities for a Bored… Read more »

Dogs and Their Stuffed Toys

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Dear Brigitte, I would like to share with you a funny story about Linus, my maltese cross poodle. Even though he was diagnosed with a heart murmer, it does not stop him from being so frisky and playful. He would go into his bedroom and bring back his stuffed teddy bear and place it on my feet. As he backs… Read more »

What We Can Learn From Our Dogs

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Dr Andrew Jones is one of my favorite vets. If you haven’t heard, he recently walked away from conventional veterinary practice altogether in protest to what his veterinary association was requiring from him in terms of his attempting to get the word out that conventional veterinary medicine is NOT the be all and end all – holistic veterinary medicine does… Read more »

A Dog as an Antidote to Depression

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A loyal dog can help depression. My dog has definitely changed my life in the sense that I find a new perspective to look at life. I had never thought that a pet can bring you so much joy. He helps keep my mood up because I’m “forced” to smile and laugh everyday at the silly, mischievous things he does. He forces me to exercise when playing with him and walking him. And exercise is so important for a depressed person.

Bonds Between Cats and Dogs

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For many years Gillian had worked with dogs, until she realized that there were many feral cats in dire straits, so for the last 8 years Gillian’s life has been dedicated to them – feeding, coaxing, and taming them to be rehomed.

This is Gillian’s story in relation to one of those cats, a border collie puppy, and a wexie cross staffie puppy that Gilian adopted as well, and the effect those animals had on each other and on Gillian’s family:

Dog Last Will and Testament

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I came across this wonderful piece of writing by Eugene O’Neill, the well known American playwright and a Nobel prize recipient.  He reportedly wrote this to comfort his wife when their beloved dog, Blemie, was in his last days: ” Last Will and Testament I, Silverdene Emblem O’Neill (familiarly known to my family, friends and acquaintances as Blemie), because the… Read more »

Dogs in Nursing Homes, Juvenile Detention Centers and more

New studies show having a dog in a nursing home can reverse loneliness, increase residents’ self esteem, and has the added benefit of making even withdrawn people come out of their shell to chat. AAT is also now being used to help abused children and those with psychiatric disorders, where it has shown to significantly increase their coping abilities and self-efficacy.