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Information on specific dog breeds.

Chihuahua Training

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Who doesn’t know what a doll Chihuahuas can be? They are ridiculously cute and adorable, especially when they’re all decked out in little clothing their sometimes over doting owners often dress them up in. Don’t be fooled by its size though, Chihuahua training is a must if you want an orderly and peaceful home. That’s right – this canine may be… Read more »

10 Rare Dog Breeds

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rare dog breeds

10 of the Rarest Dog Breeds in the World Great food for rare dog breeds – Life’s Abundance Dog Food   Pitbull Terrier, particularly certain colors, e.g. Merle Pitbull Terrier Turkish Pointer Mexican Hairless Dog Bergamasco Shepherd Tibetan Mastiff Thai Ridgeback Basenji Azawakh Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Bedlington Terrier Life’s Abundance dog food is recommended for all breeds of dogs,… Read more »

Toy Dog Breeds

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Contrary to common perception, there is no law preventing animals from living in nursing homes. It is up to the eldercare facility to allow – or disallow – pets. The calming influence of any pet, especially one that will transfer affections to everyone equally, is a wonderful aid for patient facilities. You don’t have to reside in an eldercare facility to enjoy toy dog breeds. They do provide companionable joy for many who otherwise would be concerned about space, exercise and care requirements of a larger breed of dog.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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A Staffie breeder recommended Staffies to me as being a superb children’s dog before I got my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jet. And if Jet’s temperament is anything to go by, I would agree with this one hundred percent.

Dog Rescue: Is it Right for You?

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Ever had a hankering for a certain breed of dog? Not an obsession, mind you – not the sort of longing that would send you rushing to a breeder, thousand-dollar-bill in your sweaty palm – but just a gentle appreciation for the virtues of the Poodle, Pug or Pyrenean Mastiff? Let’s say you have — but you thought buying a… Read more »

Uncover the True History Behind Greyhound Racing

The Greyhound breed is well known for its agility, speed, and love of running. Greyhounds have been seen throughout history as a breed of nobility in both Egypt and England. Here is a brief history of this regal breed, and their introduction to course racing that was borne out of their love of running. Evidence of the Greyhound breed is… Read more »

Dachshund Training

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With all the variety of dogs around, sometimes they all start to look alike, except for the dachshund. These super cute and lovable canines stand out not only because of their funny appearance, but their sometimes stern and extremely loyal nature. If you want a pet like this, you need to know the tips to great dachshund training because friend,… Read more »

Beagle Training

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If you are considering adopting a dog, you might want to get a beagle. They are a gorgeous breed of dogs that anybody is sure to love. Once you adopt one, be sure to engage him in beagle training as early as 5 weeks old so you can enjoy an obedient, loving and happy pet. What do you know about… Read more »

Golden Retriever Training

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Do you want to guess what the world’s best loved dog is? Well, of course whatever breed of dog you have now is a good one for sure, but for the most part, people just love golden retrievers. If you have one, then here is a great article for you. Learn the best tricks for golden retriever training and have… Read more »

Labrador Retriever Training

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If you have a Labrador, you must be a happy man (or woman). These beautiful creatures are a joy to be around with! There is only one thing better than a lab, and that is a well trained lab. Let’s find out more about the basics of excellent Labrador retriever training tips in this super helpful article today. Before anything… Read more »