Are Eggs Good For Dog or Not?  

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Are Eggs Good For Dog or Not?  

Dogs absolutely adore eggs and go crazy for them. But are eggs good for dogs with diabetes?

Because eggs provide a rich source of protein and won’t raise blood sugar levels, they are beneficial for dogs with diabetes.

One of the keys to good health is eating a balanced diet that is healthful and nutritious. Being careful with what goes into a diabetic dog’s diet is essential since some foods might raise blood sugar levels. This increase has the potential to cause diabetes-related problems like cataracts, which can result in blindness. Thankfully, eggs—which are a great source of protein—do not cause that spike.

Having said that, if you have a diabetic dog, please be careful to ask your veterinarian if they are a good fit for them.

Eggshells are a good source of calcium and protein, according to research. Boil the shells first if bacteria are a concern. Once they’ve dried completely, use a food processor, coffee grinder, or mortar and pestle to smash them into a fine powder. You may even use a rolling pin to smash them. The final piece of advice might possibly improve your mood.

Alternatively, until you’re ready to crush them, keep the shells in a baggie in the refrigerator. whichever suits you.

How much should be used every day varies according to recommendations. Start out slowly and cautiously by using one quarter or one half of a teaspoon. Try a small amount of it on your dog’s food and observe how he responds.

Whether eggs should be given cooked or raw is a hot topic of discussion. Many veterinarians and proponents of raw feeding agree that this method is ideal because cooking removes essential nutrients. Other veterinarians and nutritionists advise boiling them first because raw foods pose health risks.

After weighing the advantages and cons and consulting your veterinarian, you must make a personal choice that is best for your dog.

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