Electronic Dog Collars

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Electronic Dog Collars

Electronic dog collars, anyone?

Electronic Dog CollarsI know we all love our dogs but sometimes they can get really rowdy and annoying. Do you know what I’m talking about? Some of the trainers I’ve talked to about this said that they employ a few dog training tools to help them keep dogs in line, and one method is by using electronic dog collars.

Now, I’m not completely convinced with using anything electronic on my dog just yet. It is only fair though that we thoroughly study all sides of this often controversial topic to be able to get a more objective stand that will benefit us and our dogs the most.

What Are Electronic Dog Collars?

Electronic Dog CollarsSo what are these electronic dog collars? I think what makes this such a talked about subject for many pet owners concerned about their pets is the use of shock collars, a kind of electronic collar. These shock collars emit an electronic pulse through the collar that functions to slightly surprise the dog (or shock them) into stopping the unfavorable behavior.

I know, it still sounds kind of wrong but I somehow understand the principle behind this. Some dogs are harder to train and a firm, sometimes don’t do it. The pet owners who use shock collars without abusing it and in the right way are only protecting their dogs from potentially harmful situations.

Side Effects from Electronic Dog Collars?

Electronic Dog CollarsThere are many harmful side effects that can happen with this form of training though. For one thing, shock collars may malfunction and shock your dog at random times. Faulty collars made by suspicious manufacturers can even act up and cause severe burns on your dog’s neck. More than that, improper and excessive use of shock collars can result in aggressive, fearful or withdrawn canines.

Electronic Dog Collars – NOT Shock Collars

Electronic Dog CollarsNow, keep in mind that there are other kinds of electronic collars that people can use for their dogs. There are some collars that only emit sounds that will startle the dog enough for them to stop what they’re doing. Other collars discharge a slight vibration only and will not harm the dog in any way.

If you are considering these types of electronic collars, then you should consult with a trainer or look up in the internet how to best use these training tools. For example, always keep it on the lowest frequency as much as possible. Only turn it one notch higher if your dog is not responding to it at all. If you have a really disruptive dog, consider having him trained by a professional.

Also, you shouldn’t let the dog see you holding the device that controls their collar. To do so gives your dog advance warning of the noise that is about to occur. Keep the remote control of all types of electronic dog collars hidden in your pocket and operate it discretely.

Electronic dog collars may not be for you, but you can always use conventional and proven techniques on training your pet effectively. Go to the links in this article to find more helpful information on dog training today – with or without electronic dog collars!

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