Clicker Dog Training

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Clicker Dog Training

Clicker Dog TrainingHow many of you want a well-trained dog? All of us, I’m sure. Sometimes we think that clicker dog training is not for everyone. I mean, not everyone has the time and money to spend in training their pet, right?  Well, you’re excuses won’t work here because I believe that absolutely anybody can do this. An obedient dog is only some clicker dog training lessons away.

Clicker Dog Training


Clicker Dog TrainingWhat do you know about clicker dog training? When do you start? What tools can you use? Are there any particular techniques that make it easier for dogs to understand you better?

One should start training pets as early as possible. Puppy training is most effective when you start him at 4 to 7 weeks of age. It will get more challenging for dogs to learn tricks or undo old habits when they are 3 months old and above. This is not to say that you shouldn’t still try though. Puppies are easiest to teach, but adult dogs can still learn new things with the proper methods.

A device that is often used by professional trainers is a dog clicker. What is this? This is a portable dog training tool that emits a distinct “click” sound when a button is pressed. The advantage of using a clicker is that the animal will recognize the sound easily. Sometimes when we use our voices only, the dog might get cClicker Dog Trainingonfused by the inflections of our voice, the mood we have, and the body language that we are giving off. With the clicker, the sound is standard each and every time.

The trick in operating the clicker is by using operant conditioning. Since dogs and humans don’t share the same language, we can communicate with our dogs by rewarding him when he does something good, and scolding him when he exhibits unfavorable behavior. This is operant conditioning. When the dog associates the clicker with good things, he will be more responsive to the clicker dog training.

How to Use Clicker Dog Training

Clicker Dog TrainingSo how do you do this? Bring him to a quiet place where he can clearly hear the “clicking” sound. Spend a few minutes playing with him. Press the clicker then immediately hand him a treat. Do this around 10 times until he recognizes the clicker as a signal of an upcoming reward. Check if this initial testing is effective by allowing him to play by himself and click the device. If he looks to you expecting a treat, then you can start with your training.

Now proceed by teaching him the basic commands that you want him to learn. When he correctly accomplishes what you want him to do, press the clicker and immediately give him a treat. Remember to do this a few times so he really understands what you want from him.

Clicker Dog Training for More Complex Commands

When you finish the basic commands, you can start teaching him the more complicated tricks using the same clicker dog training method. You’ll be surprised how easy this really is to do. Go ahead and try it on your dog today. Don’t be surprised if you have a happy and obedient dog in no time at all!

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