Tips On How To Choose The Best Dog Crate For Flying

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Best Dog Crate for Travel


Best Dog Crate for TravelHave you ever wanted to travel to a place further than your local grocery but don’t know how you can do that without upsetting your dog? I mean, you love your dog and all, but there are times when you want to go on a vacation but you don’t know how you can travel with him. Well, the good news is you can get the best dog crate for flying to solve your problem.

I am assuming you have your dog crate trained already? It is impossible to leave your dog in a confined space like a crate for a few hours and expect him to be OK with it if he hasn’t been properly trained for it. Make sure that your pet is comfortable being inside a crate for long periods of time before you think of bringing him onboard in a crate.

Size of Travel Dog Crate

Best Dog Crate for TravelThe crate you should get is largely dependent on the size of your dog. If you only have a small dog that can fit snugly in a tote bag, then that shouldn’t be a problem. You can check him in with you and keep the bag carrying your dog under the seat in front of you. Constantly talk to him and reassure him of your presence so he won’t be confused with all the activity that’s going on in the plane.

Now, a larger pet might prove to be more of a challenge. The crate you will get should be large enough so that he will be able to move around comfortably. They should be made with durable material that can withstand the sometimes bumpy ride in the air. Plastic hard size crates with wire doors are recommended. Also check the maximum weight that the crate can carry and see if your dog is well under that weight.

Put doggie toys and food, and his water bottle inside the crate so that he will not get bored or hungry and start making noise when he is on the carrier. Ask the vet on what possible calming techniques, devices or natural tonic you can give him so he doesn’t panic with the loud sounds and air pressure changes. You should also fill the bottom of the crate with shredded newspapers just in case he pees or eliminates during the flight.

Best Dog Crate for TravelYou can find the dog crates and dog travel carriers in any canine website. They often come in different colors, styles and sizes. Again, you will probably have more options if you have a smaller dog. Choose the best dog crate for its durability and functionality before anything else. Nobody wants their pet’s crate to be broken in mid-flight, especially if your dog is in the cargo section. Also make sure that you inform the airline a week or two prior that you will be traveling with your dog onboard. There might be some procedures that you need to carry out beforehand.

Best Dog Crate for Flying

Now go and use these tips on buying the best dog crate for flying and enjoy the well-deserved vacation with your dog you’ve always wanted to have. Have fun!

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