Crate Training a Puppy

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Crate Training a Puppy

Puppy crate trainingWith a few handy tips, you’ll be crate training a puppy in no time at all. Crate training a puppy is considered by most experts to be in the best interest of your new puppy, being the most effective manner of training your puppy.  can be a cinch if you use the following techniques.Although it’s possible your puppy may at first try to convince you that crate training is not for him or her, consistency will eventually teach your puppy that the crate is in fact something beneficial to him or her. Crate training your puppy can become a game between your puppy and you.

Puppy crate training in these few easy to follow steps will soon become a habit that both you and your puppy will enjoy on a daily basis.

When starting out with puppy crate training it is a good idea to place their favorite toy inside the crate.

Next, walk away for a few seconds, and listen carefully if he or she is quiet. Return initially after about 10 seconds, and praise your puppy for doing so well. Have a dog treat available for the extra praise.  Lengthen the period each time you do this, to a few minutes, and eventually for a few hours at a time. Your puppy will soon realize you are going to return. Of course, he or she will expect some praise and maybe a treat if you start puppy crate training your puppy with a treat reward.

When you crate training a puppy in this way your puppy will soon figure out there is a reward for staying in the crate quietly.

After your puppy has gotten used to the routine, you will be able to cut back on, and then cut out, the treats.

puppy crate trainingPuppy crate training is not difficult, as long as you are consistent. Consistency while crate training a puppy you will reach your puppy much faster than if you put your puppy in the crate only some of the time but leave him/her out of the crate at other times.  Once your puppy realizes you will return every time he/she goes in the crate, he/she will soon go into the crate without you even having to give the command to do so.

Naturally, you should always make sure your puppy has access to water and food while being in his or her crate for the day, or even an hour or two while your puppy is young.

In addition, when you have been away for a couple of hours, or for the day when your puppy gets older, do expect that your puppy will have to use the bathroom immediately after you arrive home.
For more tips on crate training your puppy, you can’t go past the excellent dog training resource Sit, Stay, Fetch – it covers every aspect of dog training you’ll ever need.

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