Take Your Dog on Holiday With You and Improve Your Dog’s Health!

Take Your Dog on Holiday With You and Improve Your Dog’s Health!

holiday with dogIf you are planning on holidaying away from home, it’s essential to make proper arrangements for your pet while you are away. You have several options available: ask a friend, ask a neighbor, hire a professional pet sitter, or take your dog to the kennel. Problem is – your friends and neighbors sometimes go away at the same time as you. And, though professional pet sitters are more often than not reliable, you may not feel comfortable having a stranger go in and out of your home on a daily basis. And of course, kennels are not appealing to many dog owners – dogs are subject to loud noises and sometimes other dogs’ illnesses. So what should you do?

Why don’t you take your pet with you!

Taking your pet with you as you travel has many benefits. First and foremost, your pet is a member of your family. So why would your dog be left behind at home when he enjoys being with the family as much as you do? Kids usually love having their pet come along with them on a trip, and then they won’t have to miss their dog back home because he is with them!

Another benefit is that you will most likely save money. If you take your pet along with you, you will not need to pay a friend, neighbor, pet sitter or kennel costs. Most airlines and hotels don’t even charge extra for bringing your pet or even if they do, it will most likely cost less than a pet sitter.

If you take your pet with you, it will also help your pet stay healthy. If your pet is with you all the time, you will be able to keep his or her regular food and water schedule, and no one knows your pup like you do.

If you take your pet to a kennel, you are subjecting him or her to possibly getting kennel cough or other illnesses. Also, if you choose to travel with your pet, your pet won’t be lonely.

When dogs are lonely and miss their families, they have a tendency to become agitated and upset. They might start chewing, scratching, or ripping your favorite couch pillows to shreds simply because they miss you. Of course, you could put your pet in a crate inside your home, but for long periods during the day it could be rough on your pet. holiday with dog

Finally, don’t forget to plan ahead. Contact your airline if you are flying to notify them that you plan on bringing Spot with you, and work out any details that may need to be covered. If you are traveling by car, make sure you have ample food and water supply, a crate, carrier, or pet blanket for your pet’s ultimate traveling safety (and for the safety of your car seats!).

The best thing about traveling with your pet during the holidays is even if you are away from home, the whole family will together. Happy holidaying!

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