Collie Training

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Collie Training

CollieDo you know what the smartest dog is according to most poll surveys? Collies. These long haired beauties are not just intelligent– they are curious, loving and very energetic. They need to be matched by a clever master who can make the most of his intelligence, while keeping him in his place. Here are great tips for collie training you can use today.

Collies have been used by shepherds for centuries to help herd flocks. Therefore you can expect these smart canines to be attentive and watchful even in the busiest of circumstances. Use hand signals in conjunction with verbal commands. Be consistent with the phrases and signals that you use. Give him a treat every time he looks to you and correctly accomplishes the command you set him out to do.

It is important that you keep your collies mentally and physically stimulated. If not, they will look for other ways to amuse themselves, unfortunately, this can sometimes be destructive. Divert their high energy in a positive channel by playing games with him and taking him out for exercise on a regular basis.

Collie TrainingIn fact, one good way to maximize collie training is to train them to be therapy dogs. They are sociable creatures that easily understand and pick up the commands that they have been given. When you think that they are well-behaved and will not in any way pose a threat to society, take him to visit hospitals or elderly people. This will be good for him, for you, and the people that he will be bringing joy to.

Because collies are extremely intelligent, you have to take extra precaution that he understands that you are the leader of the pack. This does not mean you have to be harsh with your dog, definitely not. It does mean that you need to be firm and unmoved with his whines and barks. Do not let him get away with anything. If he is jumping on a couch, tell him to stop. When he stops and resumes after a while, tell him to stop again. If you are not consistent, he will know that if he keeps at it long enough, your “no” will eventually turn into a “yes”.

Collie TrainingIt is also a good idea to crate train your collie. I don’t know about you, but there are so many benefits in dog training your pet to use the crate. You are providing a safe haven for him to stay in when he is stressed, and you can use this when you need to travel for long periods of time. Keep in mind that you should never use the crate as a form of punishment. This will completely take away the purpose and function of the crate.

Collie training can be challenging especially because your pet is smart and very energetic. Stay on course and be patient and consistent with him. Use the tips and tricks that professional dog trainers use. Go to the links provided in the article today to find these extremely valuable resources on how to best train your pet.

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