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Puppy Training PadsI think you’ll agree with me when I say that puppies are among the most adorable things on earth. They are just love and preciousness wrapped up in a furry bundle. However, no matter how cute your pup may be, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be trained. House training puppies are an essential part of being a responsible pet owner and one of the things you will need are puppy training pads.

What are puppy training pads? These are absorbent pads that are used to help potty train dogs in the house. Now, you may be someone who doesn’t believe in this since it will be easier to train the dog to potty outdoors straight. However, since puppies have weaker bladders, it might be a better option for you to train them to do their business in a certain part of the house, especially if you’re not home to bring him outside. Here are some effective tips for you to house train your dog using puppy training pads.

Puppy Training PadsFirst of all, you need to place the pads in the same area all the time. This will train the puppy to go there every time he feels the need to defecate. You might want to set up a pen that is large enough to hold a good-sized crate and a bit more space. Put the pads in that extra space outside the crate but inside the pen. Dogs don’t like eliminating in the place where they stay so don’t place the pads too near his crate.

Establish a regular feeding schedule for your dog. When you do this, you are giving a sense of stability and routine for your puppy. It will also help you determine the times when he is most likely to eliminate. This is usually a few minutes after meals and after waking up from naps.

Monitor your puppy’s behavior when you feel he is about to defecate. Watch out for telltale signs like sniffing, restlessness, pacing around and whining. When it looks like your puppy is ready to do his business, place him on the pad and say, “Go potty!” or whatever phrase you want him to associate with potty.

When your puppy successPuppy Training Padsfully eliminates on the desired area, give him a small treat and praise. Do this every time he eliminates successfully in the puppy training pads. This will encourage him to go to always seek the pad when he wants to eliminate. You can gradually move the pads closer and closer to the door until you go outside so you can also train the dog to do his business outdoors eventually.

Remember, be patient and consistent when house training puppies. Do not scold them when you see little accidents strewn across the living room floor. They will not understand you. Scold them only when you catch them in the act and bring them to the puppy training pads immediately. Always be positive and praise them for doing the right thing to reinforce the desirable behavior.

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