Sojos Homemade Dog Food Mix and Sojos Treats

Sojos Homemade Dog Food Mix and Sojos Treats

Sojos Dog Food MixSojos Dog Food Mix

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Sojos Dog Food Mix is a European style mix which uses ONLY the best, most wholesome ingredients – all-natural, human-quality ingredients – steamed rolled oats flakes, rye flakes,  wheat flakes, ground pecans, carob powder, dried kelp, parsley leaves, nettle leaves and kelp. And there are NO fillers, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, flavors, or anything. There’s NO cooking and NO pelletization which rob the food of its crucial nutrients and enzymes.

Compare Sojos Dog Food Mix …

Sojos Dog Food Mix

Compare the ingredients in Sojos Dog Food Mix to your current dog food, and I’m sure you’ll be unpleasantly surprised by the contents of your current choice.

You just add water to Sojos, and some fresh food – meat, steamed or raw veges, or whatever you fancy. It’s a complete food in the true sense of the word, and it has the homemade touch. And your dog will love it!

Oh, I almost forgot, there are also some yummy treats available, too – crunchy biscuits flavored with garlic or peanut butter, believe it or not!

For further details, see , or simply click on the banner link below to go directly to where you can order Sojos:

Learn more about Sojos (Sojourner Farms)’ fresh foods program for your dog, and how you can make all-natural, homemade dog food in minutes. (Click on the banner below):

I’d love to hear what you think of Sojos Dog Food Mix. Let me know whether you’re as enthusiastic as I am!

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12 thoughts on “Sojos Homemade Dog Food Mix and Sojos Treats

  1. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Maggie,

    Sojos Dog Food Mix is all natural, so it’s concentrated. You need far less than you would of a commercial dog food, because commercial dog foods contain all sorts of fillers and non-nutritious rubbish.

    There’s a feeding guide on the pack. And for more information on this, see the Sojos Dog Food page.


  2. Angel

    First of all, make sure that whatever food you are making contains the following:
    Mature Dogs: 2 parts of meat to 1 part vegetables
    Mature Cats: 3 parts meat to 1 part vegetables
    Puppies: 3 parts meat to 1 part vegetables
    Kittens: 3 parts meat to 1 part vegetables

    Then you need to feed your pet based on it’s size. You did not mention weight. Therefore, see the following:
    Up to 10 pounds 1 to 11/2 cups
    11 to 20 pounds 2 to 3 cups
    21 to 40 pounds 4 cups

    For each additional 20 pounds, add 2 cups. Keep in mind that all pets are different. You might need to adjust the amounts that you feed, according to your pet’s needs.
    I have a 20 lb dog that actually eats a little over 3 cups a day plus a 2 or 3 treats. She is very active.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Darlene Bequette

    Hi Brigitte,
    I have been feeding my Dogs Sojo Farms for about a year. I get both the European-Style Mix and the Europa grain free which is veggies . I mix the two and add fresh meat, that is a great meal and I know they are getting what they need. It’s great.

  4. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Angel,

    Thanks for those pet feeding guidelines. They’re really helpful.

    I guess I assumed that Maggie was asking about the Sojos homemade style dog food, since she asked the question underneath the post about Sojos dog food.

    But you’re right – she may have been asking about feeding her pets a completely homemade diet.

    My goodness, yes, your little dog does eat a lot for her size! It just underscores the fact that pet owners need to use feeding suggestions as a general guide only, but that they may need to adjust portions for their individual dogs. Also different breeds of dog may differ according to their metabolic rate and their activity level, even though they may be the same size as another breed.

    Thanks again for your input.


  5. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Darlene,

    What a great idea, to mix the two types of Sojos dog food together and before adding the meat. I hadn’t thought of that.


  6. Claire

    Brigitte – you’re a gem and I absolutely agree with Sojos.

    I am already feeding my dog similar food but would welcome looking Sojos. I am feeding my perky and happy 14-year old Bichon raw meats – I seem to prefer organ meats.

    Along with that I have a human grade organic freeze dried grain and vegetable mix I reconsitute with hot filtered water.

    I add some L Carnetine, CoQ10, probiotics, greens and wild Salmon oil – she’s all set.

    I’ve never seen a happier dog after she’s eaten.

    I try to encourage others to try this way of eating but of course “raw” doesn’t seem to be understood.

    I will definitely look at Sojos as it is indeed a terrific product. We get to love our pets even more with real food. I believe my dog eats better than I do!

    🙂 Claire

  7. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.

    I know what you mean about your dog eating better than you do – my son actually made that exact comment about our dogs just this morning!


  8. Jenna

    I just wanted to leave a little feedback on Sojos.

    My Chihuahua suffered from sudden kidney failure, which we think was from tainted pet food. He lost 85% of his kidney function and was sent home with an IV to make his last days comfortable.

    Another homeopathic Vet suggested Sojos and hydrotherapy. That combination along with all of our prayers pulled him through, its now 15 months later and his kidneys are working again and his blood tests are normal.

    Happy mom to Bam-Bam!
    I truely believe Sojos saved his life!

  9. Louanne

    Hi Brigitte,

    Yes, I am an advocate for Sojos Europa, and so is my dog Morgan. It’s so easy to prepare, looks and smells really fresh. I wish they would make it for people! I mix up Morgan’s meals with 1/4 Bravo raw beef or chicken patty, 2 heaping teaspoons of Sojos Europa, a heaping teaspoon of plain Stonyfield organic yogurt and 1 heaping teaspoon 100% pure canned pumpkin. I also add a teaspoon of salmon oil or a sardine, and some type of probiotic powder or digestive enzymes sprinkled on top. We used Dogzymes until I ran out. Organic coconut oil is also added, about 1 teaspoon a day. I like the NOW brand best. It smells and tastes like coconut and it keeps the immune system high.

    I work in an animal health food store and have the opportunity to try many different treats, foods and supplements for dogs. I also sell the Aromadog and Aromacat aromatherapy wellness products that are made by Silk Road Oils in Massachusetts. I learned about these products from working at The Healthy Animal store in Pembroke, Massachusetts and have been using them for almost 4 years. They’re made with exceptional quality essential oils and hydrosols and very safe. My favorite products are Flea Flicker, Quick Fix, Cough Drop, Ear Clear, Healthy Shine Shampoo, Chill Out, Lyme Blaster, and Brilliance.

    Love your info!



  10. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Louanne,

    Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the info on the other healthy products.


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