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organic dog arthritis supplementNot all organic dog arthritis supplements are the same, even if they have similar ingredients. If you’re a regular reader of you will know that I only recommend natural products that have a good track record in terms of actually doing what they say they do.

Arthro-Ion is one of these products. It assists in dog joint pain, including hip dysplasia, canine arthritis and other types of dog joint pain.

It comes in a tasteless liquid bio-available state, so it bypasses your dog’s digestive system and enters his bloodstream within minutes. This allows your dog’s body to most effectively absorb the fortified nutrients, which assures he receives the best health possible from Arthro-Ion. This means nothing goes to waste. Your dog will get the most out of Arthro-Ion, and you’ll get the most benefit for your money.

Most importantly, this means you won’t need to spend time attempting to make your dog swallow a pill he doesn’t want. If your dog is anything like my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jet, this will be good new to you. (Jet is a nightmare at taking pills!) Simply put the Arthro-Ion in your dog’s water, food, or even directly into his mouth and your dog will never know it’s there, because as I mentioned, it’s completely tasteless. Your dog will start to feel more energetic quite quickly – usually within one to two weeks or even less.

It’s frustrating to pay good money for a product, only to remain unsatisfied. Well, the makers of Arthro-Ion offer a guarantee that Arthro-Ion will work on the cellular level to help your dog in his recovery.

So what exactly does this product do?


Well, Arthro-Ion:

1. Supports increased cellular permeability.

This allows the nutrients your dog needs to be easily absorbed and used by his cells. What does this mean for your dog? Better nutrition and better overall health. For you, this means a better value for the money you spend on your dog’s food, as each nutrient will be more effectively absorbed and used in your dog’s body.

2. Promotes the formation of RNA and DNA.

This helps your dog’s cells regenerate more effectively, contributing to their genetic stability and health. Cell regeneration is essential for your dog’s healing process.

With Arthro-Ion, your dog will feel healthy enough to face those insurmountable odds.

3. Increases enzymatic activity.

By stimulating the natural enzymes in your dog’s body, cellular health can be vastly enhanced.

4. Detoxifies cells.

arthritis in dogsYour dog’s everyday exposure to toxins can cause a buildup of heavy metals, chemicals, poisons, and other substances in your dog’s cells. Our base formula, which is present in all our products, absorbs and neutralizes these toxins.
Provides the strongest organic electrolyte available.

The oligotherapeutic complex in Arthro-Ion provides your dog with a highly effective natural electrolyte that supports cellular resistance to injury, illness, exertion, and malnourishment. This supports your dog’s recovery, healing, and health, restoring your pet’s balance.

Oligotherapy revolves around the idea that your mental, physical, and emotional health are intertwined. oligotherapeutic products undergo several procedures to become imprinted with vibrational energy which has been shown to support overall healthy living. It’s a relatively new science that is speedily gaining popularity, so don’t dismiss it as hocus pocus, because it really does work.

5. Promotes increased oxygen.

Arthro-Ion provides vital oxygen to your dog’s cells and promotes increased oxygen consumption of tissues. Natural polyphenols are present to act as catalysts for respiration. This will promote your dog’s overall health and well-being.

So what are you waiting for? If your dog has joint or muscle pain, hip dysplasia, reduced mobility, reduced flexibility or even reduced energy, Arthro-Ion may help.

Order yours here: Arthro-Ion Healthy Joint Support for DogsClick Here!

Arthro-IonX Healthy Joint Support for Dogs

Some vets advocate aspirin for dog arthritis and other joint-related conditions – specifically a canine formulated type of pain relief and NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) usually called Rimadyl or Carprofen.  Don’t ever use aspirin for dog arthritis in any form. Rimadyl has caused dog deaths and numerous serious complications. Of course, you must always discuss all your concerns with your vet, but if it’s possible to treat your dog by natural means that work, isn’t that preferable to giving him drugs?

Arthro-IonX Healthy Joint Support for Dogs

So if you’re wanting to try the natural alternative, Arthro-Ion , click here.

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  1. allison

    For our dog, we found the Dr. Max Powers “Joint Suppory + Vitamin B12” worked wonders!!

    This provided the best price on a therapeutic dose of glucosamine. We looked far and wide for a product that had the recommended doses of glucosamine and condroitin. This has worked wonders helping our dog live with arthritis.

    She still has some minor symptoms – but these pills have made a HUGE difference for our dog..

    For anyone looking for an economic solution to joint problems, this is a great way to go. They were recommended by our veterinarian as a great alternative to those expensive dog pills…plus, they have worked MUCH better…..we are so much happier now!

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