Sojos Dog Food

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Sojos Dog Food

Sojos Dog FoodDo you have a friend with a dog? If they were anything like me, they love their pets and they only want the best for them. If you have a friend like this and you would like to give him something that will make him and his pet happy, then Sojos dog food for his beloved pet is a gift he would truly appreciate.

Sojos Dog Food


Sojos Dog Food Mix - Grain FreeIt’s not easy finding good pet food nowadays. I mean, sure you can see aisles and aisles of pet food in the grocery store, but this doesn’t mean that you can just pick any one of these bags to open and pour out in your pet’s doggie dish. Most of these commercial food are not good for them. You need to give your dog food that are as healthy as possible.

This is where Sojos comes in. Sojos dog food is known for being one of the most responsible and premium canine food companies around. They use high grade ingredients in every bag of meal. The food is dehydrated (the mildest form of processing for pet food) which means that the vitamins and minerals are concentrated into the ingredients.

Sojos has made it a point not to include preservatives and artificial additives in their products so don’t be surprised if you find the items in the bag have different shapes, colors and sizes. Most pet food put in chemicals that stabilize the appearance of the food, which can be extremely detrimental to the animal’s health as time goes on.

The good thing about Sojos is that they also do not use fillers in their products. Fillers have almost no nutritional value and without it, your dog feels more satiated after eating. This is actually helpful and will save you more than a few dollars because you will not have to use up more food than what he actually needs.

How to Use Sojos Dog Food

Sojos Dog FoodHow do you use Sojos dog food? It’s simple. Get a bag of food and pour it in his dish. Pour warm water on the food and let it soak for about 30 minutes (or more depending on the type of food, check the label for details). It is important to soak the food thoroughly to improve digestibility. Grains in particular, have more complex properties that is more challenging for the animals to digest.

Sojos dog food is more supplemental in nature, meaning you need to add in meat, (and even additional fresh fruits and vegetables if you prefer) in the mix before serving it to your dog. Chop up raw meat and put a few pieces over the meal. Dogs are carnivores so don’t be worried about feeding him uncooked meat. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can lightly cook the meat before adding it in the dish.

Sojos Dog Food for a Better Quality of Life!

You really can’t go wrong with giving your friend pet premium pet food for his beloved pet. It will not just mean a longer life for your dog, but a better quality of life as well. Sojos dog food – a gift that keeps on giving.

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2 thoughts on “Sojos Dog Food

  1. Deborah

    Hi Brigitte,

    What do you think about sojos complete mix??? I use the one with the raw turkey already in the mix. I’ve been using this for the last year and my dog loves it. I tried the other mixes ( grain free – original) I liked them also but I would cook the meat before adding it to the mix (was afraid to use raw meat from the grocery store)

    I’m okay using the complete with the raw because I trust that sojos has taken the steps necessary to insure it’s safe for my dog.

    I also use Fromn brand dry dog food for large breed puppies. I give my boxer some of the dry with the sojos. I use more sojos than dry.

    Not sure if I should be doing that???? I mix brown rice and additional veggies in with sojos sometimes and give him some of what we’re eating (only the healthy stuff) My boxer is 18 months and eats a lot…he looks great and isn’t fat! Haha

    Your input would be appreciated … thanks

  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hi Deborah,

    Sojos Complete Mixes are great, although personally I prefer Sojos Original and Sojos Grain Free (both without added meat) – so you can add as much meat as you like (I would add more meat than the Complete Mixes have in them).

    Fromm dog food is also an excellent brand.

    I would NOT be adding any rice to the Sojos products. They already have a significant amount of grain in them (apart from the Grain Free – it would be okay to add a little brown rice to that if you wished). I know that Sojos suggests adding veggies so I suppose that’s okay, but personally I would add more meat than anything else, and if you are using the Complete Mixes, I would not add any rice or veggies.

    Giving occasional healthy leftovers is fine – preferably protein sources.


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