Dog Food Without the Fuss or the Mess

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Sojos dog foodDogs are said to be man’s best friend, they are the ultimate family companions. They are loyal, give unconditional love and will always be happy to see you. However, some people do not get to enjoy the company of a dog or any pet for that matter due to their constricting daily schedule that leaves little time to go out and get dog food, let alone prepare healthy all natural meals that would be optimal to a dog’s development.

Dog owners too sometimes suffer from a lack of time to prepare meals, often finding it difficult to spare time to feed their dog, let alone prepare a well balanced meal that would be optimal to their pet’s health and development. Store bought dog food, though ready to serve, sometimes are a poor substitute to a proper meal, lacking nutrients vital to the dogs health. Sojos food is the best solution to all of these problems!

The best alternative to store provided dog food; Sojos food provides an all natural eating experience for your pet. Having no preservatives, Sojos can give your dog the daily nutritional requirements needed for canine lifestyle. Simple and easy to prepare, Sojos is the answer to having little time but wanting to feed your dog nothing but the best. It is also nice to note that Solid Gold pet food makes it a point not to use saturated fat in its products.

Sojos Dog Food MixQuick and easy to prepare, Sojos dog food is the ideal solution for families who don’t have enough time to prepare healthy and nutritional meals for their dog. Its no fuss preparation only requires meat and water added to the food mixture for a complete and balanced meal. Multiple meal preparation is equally easily done, by simply multiplying the portions to how many feedings you need, you can prepare meals in advance as well as multiple meals for more than one dog fast and easy!

Sojos is designed with no fuss, so aside from its easy to prepare nature, the food mixture is also resistant to spoiling. Though it has no preservatives, the unmixed portion of the food mixture will keep for 6 to 8 months, saving you the trouble of going to the store to get new packs of food to replace the spoiled ones.

Lastly, Sojos can be prepared anyway you like! Though it is perfectly safe to feed your pet raw meat, if you are more comfortable serving your dog with cooked meat, then you may do so. If you wish to add greens and other veggies to your pet’s diet you can easily do so with Sojos as the food mix is versatile and will still offer the same amount of nutrients to your dog!

Store bought dog food can sometimes be lacking the essential nutrients your dog needs. Sojos food is the best way to prepare healthy and balanced all natural meals for your dog, having no preservatives, Sojos offers nothing but the best for man’s best friend. Easy to prepare, Sojos is the quickest way to prepare all natural meals for your pet. This product is manufactured by Solid Gold pet food which develops all natural pet products.

– Melinda Smith

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