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Sojos Homemade Dog Food Mix and Sojos Treats

Compare Sojos Dog Food Mix with your current brand of dog food and you may be unpleasantly surprised at the low quality of the dog food you’re currently using. Sojos is the next best thing to homemade dog food because it’s actually partially homemade by you!

Healthier Dogs!

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Here at Healthier Dogs, you’re going to find weekly, and often daily, updates on dog illnesses and dog health problems and their possible resolution by natural means, dog food nutrition and the best types of dog health food, as well as occasional dog recipes for homemade dog food, information on raw dog food and other premium dog food, dog grooming, dog and puppy training, dog products and so much more.

Dog Health Liver

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Dog health liver issues is something all pet owners should know about. After all, liver diseases are among the top causes of death in canines the past few years. The best way to avoid this is to know more about canine liver problems and find out how you can keep this from happening to your pet. There are many possible… Read more »