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Dog Agility EquipmentIf you have a dog, one of the most enjoyable experiences you can share with him is dog agility training. You and your dog will have loads of fun navigating through the courses and maybe competing with other canines as well. Find out more about dog agility equipment in this article today.

An A-frame is a common sight in dog agility competition. What is it? It is two 9 feet planks of around 3 feet wide attached together to form an inverted V or a rough A. The dogs have to climb up and down this sometimes tricky obstacle to get to the other side. Dog walks are around 10 inch wide ramps raised 4 feet from the ground.

 teeter-totterA teeter-totter is a dog agility equipment that looks like a see-saw you might find in a playground, only wider. Smaller dogs might find this a little more challenging than the heavier dogs. A tunnel walk is usually made of vinyl and wire and can be shaped in different curves or in a straight line. It’s usually around 2 feet wide in diameter and around 10 to 20 feet in length.

There are also several jumping hurdles that dogs are tasked to accomplish. Typically, they are of varying adjustable heights. Tires suspended in the air tied in a frame are also jumping hurdles that dogs go through. Wires and uneven spaces are covered securely so that the dog’s coat will not catch and potentially harm the dog.

Weave poles are Weave polesamong the more difficult obstacles that the dog must accomplish. This is a succession of 5 to 10 upright poles spaced around 15 to 25 inches apart. Dogs should weave through every pole without skipping poles. You can imagine that this has been the site of frustration for more than one canine and his master.

Not all dog agility tasks are about “agility”. There is a pause table that dogs sit on for a measured amount of time. Another variety of this is a pause box. This is a marked box where the canine will be told to either do a “sit” or “down” position, depending on the specifications of the competition or judges.

There are valuable benefits that a dog gains from dog agility training the most important of which is exercise. Too many canines have suffered serious health complications because they were overweight. This could have simply been avoided through proper diet and regular exercise. Not only will exercise make yourDog Agility Equipment dog healthier, hyperactive dogs also have a positive channel to vent off excess energy making him less likely to get into destructive behavior. This results in a more peaceful home life and longer lasting furniture.

How about it? Are you interested in letting your dog participate in dog agility competitions? You can go to the links provided in this article to know more about dog agility equipment that your dog needs to master in order to do well. It’s a fun and extremely challenging activity you can share with your dog. Enjoy!

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