Rottweiler Training

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Rottweiler Training

Rottweiler TrainingIf you love large dog breeds but are unsure of adopting one because they seem too hard to train you’ll be happy to know that you are wrong. As with all dog training, if you have the consistency, patience and the right tools it won’t be long before your dog will be the perfectly behaved fellow all pet owners love to have. Here are some tips in Rottweiler training that will benefit you if you ever decide on adopting one for yourself.

Rottweilers are strong and powerful dogs. I don’t need to tell you if you’ve seen them, they can be great guard dogs to have around because of their size, strength and agility. They also have natural protective instincts. They are an amazing asset to have once you harness their strength and train them properly.

The most important thing you need to do in training Rottweilers is to make sure he knows that you are his leader. If not, he will try to dominate you and things could get destructive. I mean, they are pretty large and intelligent animals. You don’t want to go home to a disorderly and damaged home.

Rottweiler TrainingThere are several things you can do to establish your alpha dog status. For one thing, when you make eye contact with your dog, never break the gaze first. When you do, you are conceding that you are the submissive one. Let him watch you eat before you feed him; or as he eats, take his food away from him for a few seconds before returning it to him again. The leader of the pack always has the control of the food.

Also, do not walk around him or step over him to get through a room. Gently push him out of the way to show him that you are his leader. When you do these simple tips to enforce your position over him, training will be a lot easier.

As we have mentioned, Rottweilers are also very smart creatures. They will try to get their way if they can. If you say no, do not veer away from that. For example, they want to get jump on the rose bushes, you refrained him from doing so. After a while he will try again. When he gets rejected again, he will try again after a few minutes. It is important that yRottweiler Trainingou stand your ground or else he will realize that when he is persistent enough, No! really means “Wait, you are not annoying enough yet.”

Dogs are very active as well so you need to ensure that your pet gets all the exercise needed to release his pent-up energy. Not only will this be a productive outlet for him, he will be more subdued to listen when you train him. This has worked wonders with many pet owners.

So don’t let large dog breeds daunt you. As you can see, Rottweiler training isn’t too difficult once you know the basics. Find out what great company Rottweilers are and enjoy many bonding experiences with them today!

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