Leash Training Puppies

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Leash Training Puppies

Leash Training PuppiesHow many of you love taking walks to the park with your dog? Now, for some of you might be new pet owners who are excited to share all these great bonding experiences with your adorable little puppy. Well, one of the first things you will have to learn is leash training puppies.

Leash training puppies isn’t as hard as it may seem. Your little friend may not like it at first, but with consistency and the right methods, it will be one of the best things you could do for him. Not only will this potentially save his life one day, you will get to share more bonding moments with him as well. Find out how you can leash train your dog the right way when you read this article today.

First of all, you’ve got to let the puppy be accustomed to having the collar and leash around his neck. Animals naturally resist being restrained so it is important that he feels comfortable before you attempt to train him. Fit him with a lightweight leather collar and leash of around 6 feet. Distract him so he doesn’t put too much of a resistance. He will try to scratch it off or yank it away but don’t allow this to happen.

Leash Training PuppiesAfter a while of futile yanking and pulling, the dog will soon forget that he has a collar around his neck. Allow him to walk around your house for a while. Afterwards, walk beside him lightly holding the leash. The best tip in leash training puppies is to keep it as enjoyable as possible, especially in the beginning. Lavish him with a lot of praise and goodies as you go along.

Now, here’s when it gets tricky. Bring your puppy out in a fenced in backyard or a place with relatively little distractions. He will probably want to go to a different direction from you. The important thing is for you to show him that going against the direction where you are going will not get him anywhere. It doesn’t matter if he cries, whines or demands is the basic rule in dog training states that you’re the boss and you are to be followed, not him.

Leash Training PuppiesWhen he starts to pull away from you, stand still. Firmly call him back and don’t move your position. Don’t yank him to where you are; instead, allow him to go to you without force. When he does, reward him with a doggie treat and praise. Do this consistently until he understands that he will not get his own way and that it is good to follow your lead.

Remember the objective in leash training puppies is to keep the leash slack, with the dog following closely behind you. Do this a few times and stay consistent. If not, you will confuse him and training will take longer than necessary. More than anything enjoy the time spent in dog training! When you do, you will end up with a well-trained and happy pet.

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