Agility Equipment for Sale

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Agility Equipment for Sale

Agility Equipment for SaleMany pet owners are looking for agility equipment for sale. Agility training is becoming more and more popular and pet owners who want to have their dogs join in these tournaments, need to train as early as possible so they can have a chance in doing well.

When you are shopping for agility equipment for sale, you must remember to choose quality over economy. You are investing in products that should last you a long time and you shouldn’t be swayed by cheap but poorly made equipment. It might even cost you more if you buy cheap equipment because they will break down and you will have to purchase new ones again.

What are the agility equipment that you should be shopping for? There are many types of obstacles that comprise an agility course. However, you must also be mindful of the fact that there are different organizations that hold these kinds of tournaments. Different organizations have a slight variance in the obstacle, height and measurements. You should check which organizations you are joining in so you can verify the specifics of the agility course.

While there is some differences in the agility tasks, there are some basic obstacles that you will likely find in all of these agility courses. These are the A-frame, teeter totter (looks like a see-saw), dog walks, dog jumps, tunnels, pause table and weave poles.

You can find agility sets online that have these obstacle courses all packaged together. You can buy them as a set, or you can also buy separate pieces if you think this will help you save money here.

If you really want to save money, you can also build your own agility course with a few trips to the hardware store. All you need are the planks of wood, nails, some paint to make it look nicer, and other miscellaneous equipment, like an old tire for the tire jump.

Agility EquipmentYou can build the A-frame, teeter totter and dog walks easily enough if you are handy with the hammer and nails. Or you can ask a friend to help you out if you are clumsy and likely to pound on your finger like me. For the other equipment though like the dog tunnel and weave poles, these equipment are a bit trickier to make so you might be better off checking out a reliable dog site and buying a reasonably priced one instead.

You can set these equipment up in your backyard. Cover them with a tarpoline when you are done so the outside elements won’t wear them out sooner than it should. If you have the space, plan out the layout of the course carefully, as similar as possible in the tournament you will be joining because this will really help you a lot when the competition finally comes.

Think carefully before you finally make that investment to get your agility equipment for sale. Ask around with your friends and family so you can get the best deal possible.

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