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Dog Training CoursesThere are a few things in life that are more rewarding than having a well-trained dog waiting for you at home. It might be that you have a wonderful and adorable puppy, but without the right dog training courses, he might end up being more of a problem than a sweetheart when he grows up.

The good thing is that we are all capable of teaching our pets. Some of you might not think so because a friend did not have the best experience when he or she was training her pet. It might be that they had the wrong tools, inaccurate information or they just didn’t stay at it long enough. Whatever it is, you can prove them wrong by simply following some basic principles in dog training.

Remember that even if we do treat our pets like family they are still animals with innate survival instincts. They will try to dominate and control their territory but you must never allow this to happen. You need to establish your position as the immovable head of the pack. Be consistent and do not waver. When you do, you will earn the respect of your dog and he will do whatever it is to try to please you; thus making training a lot easier.

Dog Training CoursesWhat are some of the things you can do to establish your authority over him? Always use a clear, strong voice when you address him. If he whines or complains, do not give in (except of course if he is in pain). Let him watch you while you eat and feed him only after you’re done. You can also rub the underside of his belly, encouraging him to lick your hand. This is a sign of submission that will reinforce your leadership over him.

Even as you set yourself as his authority, never ever use negative methods to get him to do what you want to do. Of course you will never treat him in an inhumane manner, but be careful that you don’t be extremely negative when you try to teach him tricks. Positive reinforcement is strongly encouraged by most pet owners around the world.

Dog Training CoursesInstead of punishing the dog when he does something wrong, aim to catch him doing something good. Lavish him with praise and affection when he follows your directions correctly. When he makes a mistake, correct him firmly but kindly, and then move on. Most of the times, dogs do the wrong thing because they misunderstood you, not because they were being deliberately stubborn.

Most important of all, spend quality time with your dog. It makes a world of difference when your dog is able to trust you. Make time to play with him and have bonding experiences with him (like brushing his coat, hand feeding him treats, etc.). When you do, dog training will not only be easier, it will be a lot more fun as well.

Try out effective dog training courses and these helpful tips to enjoy a well-behaved and happy dog today. Enjoy!

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