Used Dog Agility Equipment For Sale

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Used Dog Agility Equipment For SaleAre you looking for used dog agility equipment for sale? You may be interested in giving your dog agility lessons but you are on a budget and are looking for a good  way to have fun with your dog without breaking the bank.

If this is you, I don’t think looking for used dog agility equipment for sale is the best way to go. That is unless you know the person you are buying the used equipment for. There are too many pet owners who overuse their dog’s agility equipment and instead of discarding them, try to sell them second hand without testing if it is still safe for dogs to use.

After all, you don’t want your precious dog to get an accident or sustain an injury because of a faulty construction or worn hinges, right? There is no way to guarantee the quality of the used dog agility equipment for sale and for this reason, you may want to consider other alternatives.

You can, for example, construct your own agility obstacle course in your backyard instead. All you need are planks of wood (you can buy them cheap in hardware stores or ask for any extra pieces that they don’t need in lumber yards), some nails, sandpaper and a hammer.

Used Dog Agility EquipmentLet’s make a quick inventory of these agility equipment you can construct: the A-frame, teeter totter, dog walk, pause table (you can actually just use an old table) and panel jumps. You should have a general idea of what these equipment looks like by now. Now all you need to do is check online to find out the measurements, sizes, heights and widths of the different obstacles that are used in tournaments. Keep in mind that different dog associations may use different measurements and standards to find out which one is organizing the tournament and construct the agility training equipment accordingly.

There are some things you will find in an agility course that might be more challenging to create, like the tunnels and weave poles. The tunnel is a flexible vinyl tube that is quite complicated to make yourself, and the weave poles can be tricky to construct. You might do well in just buying these two equipment online to save yourself trouble and grief. After all, you will end up saving a lot more because you are building the rest of the agility course yourself- and you didn’t even have to buy used dog agility equipment for sale.

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