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Information on specific dog breeds.

Great Danes are Truly Great

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Great Danes have always fascinated me, simply because they are so huge.

Here is some information from a Great Dane fancier, that I thought would be a good read for my readers, especially if you are considering a Great Dane as a pet – they make great pets, but you do need a big space to house them!

Collie Training

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Do you know what the smartest dog is according to most poll surveys? Collies. These long haired beauties are not just intelligent– they are curious, loving and very energetic. They need to be matched by a clever master who can make the most of his intelligence, while keeping him in his place. Here are great tips for collie training you… Read more »

Great Home Prepared Dog Food for Poodle

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Did you know that a poodle is among the top three most intelligent canines in the world? You probably have a poodle right now and you know exactly what I mean. He (or is it she?) is super smart, affectionate and not to mention really good-looking. Naturally, you only want the best for your pet right? Get a great home… Read more »

Dog Breeds

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Popular Dog Breeds

Welcome to the Dog Breeds section of Healthier Dogs.

Some types of dogs suffer from breed specific illnesses or dog health problems. Some breeds require grooming peculiar to the breed. And still others have particular dietary requirements.

Perhaps you’re after information on good dog breeds for children, or maybe you’re interested in one of the new dog breeds, the mixed dog breeds, otherwise known as the boutique dog breeds. You’ll find it all here.

Chihuahua Facts

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So you’ve fallen in love with that little spitfire of a dog and you want to bring him home. Chihuahuas are among the most popular pets to have around because of their adorable looks. However, if you’ve decided to be a proud owner of this dog, you will want to know about Chihuahua facts so you won’t get surprised with them… Read more »

Chihuahua Breed

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The Chihuahua breed is the smallest breed of dog and is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico from where it originated. Chihuahuas come in a variety of sizes, coat lengths, head shapes and colors. There are only really two types of Chihuahuas, the deer headed or apple headed Chihuahuas. Their history is not clear but a popular theory… Read more »

Mastiff Breeds

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Mastiffs breeds are beautiful and fascinating. They may be tough and protective on the outside, but for the most part, they are gentle and loving to those they consider families. This may remind you of some people and if it does, chances are they own one type of Mastiff. Who can blame them? You want the best around you and… Read more »

Chihuahua Breed Information

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People often search the web for Chihuahua breed information because they have heard that this little dog is a handful and they want to know more about it before adopting them. Chihuahuas are a popular dog breed and it is not unlikely that a person looking for a cute and funny companion will gravitate towards this dog. As you may… Read more »

Bulldog Health Problems

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Bulldogs are considered to be a great family pet. They are courageous and may look daunting, but they are also extremely affectionate and gentle with their family and master. Maybe you are considering adopting a Bulldog. Before you get this wonderful animal as a pet, you need to know about Bulldog health problems so that you know what to expect… Read more »