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Information on specific dog breeds.

Health Problems in Dalmations

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Dalmatians are easy to spot because of their spots! They are a beautiful dog breed, but they are also prone to some specific health concerns. If you are considering adopting a Dalmatian, you should be aware of certain signs so that you can be alert for any health issues concerning your future pet.

Cocker Spaniel Training

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One of the best family dogs you can ever get is a cocker spaniel. They are an absolutely fantastic breed to have around the house. Find out more about cocker spaniel training in this interesting article today. First of all, let us learn more about the cocker spaniel. What is his general temperament and potential problems that need to be… Read more »

Rottweiler Training

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If you love large dog breeds but are unsure of adopting one because they seem too hard to train you’ll be happy to know that you are wrong. As with all dog training, if you have the consistency, patience and the right tools it won’t be long before your dog will be the perfectly behaved fellow all pet owners love to… Read more »

Designer Dog Breeds

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Many new dog breeds have simply appeared on the scene due to opportunistic mating and lack of supervision by preoccupied owners. But designer dog breeds have generally arisen as part of a plan to produce new dog breeds with fewer genetic problems than both of the pure bred breeds from which they are produced.

Chihuahua Names

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Chihuahua names – One of your first – very pleasant – tasks is to choose a name for your Chihuaha. What’s in a name, you might ask? Well, plenty really. It’s a word you’re going to be using over and over and over again over the next many years. So it needs to be a name that you’re going to like long term. And it’s always preferable to pick a name that suits your particular dog – both your dog’s temperament, and his/her breed.

Popular Labrador Names

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Labradors are a reasonably large sized breed, so popular names for dogs in the smaller categories may not be appropriate for your Lab. As with other breeds, you can choose to name your Labrador by a person’s name, or you may want to name him/her after your hobby or favorite food perhaps. Just remember, though – your tastes in hobbies, food and even names may well evolve over time, and your Labrador will be stuck with the name you choose for a very long time (his/her lifetime, in fact). So you will want to give some thought to popular Labrador names and not so popular Labrador names – and come up with the right one for your dog!

German Shepherd Names

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If you’re thinking of adding have a large dog breed such as a German Shepherd, to your “family”, you’ll probably be interested in German Shepherd names as opposed to general dog names – after all, you don’t want a big, “tough” looking dog to protect you, with a name like “Tootles”, do you?

Small Dog Breeds

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Small dog breeds are hugely popular with many people because of their size. If you live in a small house, apartment or flat a smaller dog is easier to keep. When choosing a puppy from the small dog breed there are many different breeds to choose from, all with their own characteristics. Here are a few of the different breeds.

Pug Dog Health

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Knowing about Pug Dog Health can keep your Pug Happy and Healthy! If you are a dog lover you probably know that all dogs have certain dog health problems that need to be looked out for, especially when a dog gets into its older years. If you know the specific risks for the type of dog you own you will know what to look for and how to got about taking care of the problem if it should come up. Understanding pug dog health risks can actually save the life of your best friend.