Chihuahua Facts

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Chihuahua Facts

Chihuahua factsSo you’ve fallen in love with that little spitfire of a dog and you want to bring him home. Chihuahuas are among the
most popular pets to have around because of their adorable looks. However, if you’ve decided to be a proud owner of this dog, you will want to know about Chihuahua facts so you won’t get surprised with them when they make their home with you.

You may not know this but a Chihuahua is dyslexic, but only with one word- he knows he is a DOG but he thinks he is a GOD. Chihuahua is a handful for anybody who dares to take on this breed. They may be small in stature but they are big in personality. He is not afraid to take on a dog several times his size and if not socially trained early on, he can be quite a nuisance in his later years.

Chihuahua FactsThis is why it is very important to train Chihuahuas as early as possible. Many people do not realize it, but they are
being detrimental to the Chihuahua’s quality of life if they don’t train them. Because of their size, they can be easily
injured, often dislocating a bone after some vigorous exercise. If they take on another alpha dog that is bigger, they
can be in danger because they will not stand a chance physically in a dog fight.

The problem is that it is not always easy to train Chis. First of all, they can be pretty stubborn and will not follow
commands easily. You have to be extremely patient and work with him, all the time exerting your pack leader status so that he learns to follow you. Sometimes it will seem like an uphill battle but if you don’t give up, the rewards will be well worth it.

You must remember that although Chis are super cute, you must never let them get away with things that a larger dog will be punished for. For example, don’t let a Chihuahua jump on you and punish a larger dog for doing the same. It might seem cute to see a 3 lb dog throw his weight on you because it causes no harm (unlike say, a Mastiff), however this is allowing wrong behaviour that will lead to serious consequences later on. Be sure to correct him whenever he exhibits wrong behaviour as soon as possible so it doesn’t stay with him when he grows up. Don’t worry about feeling guilty being strict with such a tiny dog, you are doing him a favour in the long run.

Chihuahua FactsOne of the most disputed Chihuahua facts is its origins. As many of you know, the Chihuahua got its name from a state in Mexico where it is said to come from. It is a known fact that this breed only gained recognition in Europe and America in the 19th century when some of these dogs were brought in various places from Mexico. While this may be true, it is believed that the Chi have been around for far longer than any of us would have thought. Definitely they were sacred to Aztecs and Pre Columbian Indian civilizations. Some even say that there are Chihuahuas as early as 3000 years ago in ancient Egypt.

Wherever the Chihuahua breed originates, they have evolved into some of the most sought after pets today. What makes them so desirable is that they are by nature companion dogs. Many dogs that are here right now are great companions, but they can be used for herding and working- not so with the Chi. Chis are obviously not suited for manual labor. Their size makes them ideal to bring around, many even carry them in their purses. They love to cuddle and crave their master’s attention and love. They can be over protective and nippy at children that they don’t know, but with sufficient training, this won’t be a problem for very long.

Even if Chihuahuas can be difficult sometimes, they are a great pet to have around. You know you will always have fun when they are in the room. They are inquisitive, fiercely loyal, affectionate and brave- they will love you to the end and there is nothing you can do about it. These are the Chihuahua facts that really matter.

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