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Pug Dog Health

Pug Dog HealthKnowing about Pug Dog Health can keep your Pug Happy and Healthy

If you are a dog lover you probably know that all dogs have certain dog health problems that need to be looked out for, especially when a dog gets into its older years. If you know the specific risks for the type of dog you own you will know what to look for and how to got about taking care of the problem if it should come up. Understanding pug dog health risks can actually save the life of your best friend.

Here are some pug dog health problems that you should look out for if you own or are considering purchasing a pug.

One: Hip Dysplasia. This is actually a common problem among many dogs including golden labs. This occurs when there is some malformation of the hip joint and the femur bone does not fit correctly. This can cause the dog a lot of pain and in severe cases the dog may need surgery or have to be put down. Mild cases are easier to deal with, they mainly need a good diet and exercise routine.

Two: Stenotic Nares. This is when the nostrils of the pug are narrow or otherwise constricted. This problem can put strain on the body making the dog have an enlarged heart. Signs of this condition include mouth breathing and nasal discharge that is foamy. The condition can be corrected with surgery.

Pug Dog HealthThree: Entropion, this is a condition where the eyelids can roll inward causing the eye lashes to rub against the eye. This is a serious problem as it can cause ulcerations, scratches and irritation of the eye. Noticing the problem and taking care of it can be very critical to your pug’s health and well being. The condition can be corrected by surgery, which is the most common form of treatment.

Four: Dry Eyes. Just like with humans, a dog can have a problem producing enough tears to keep their eyes nice and lubricated. There are a few things that can cause the tear ducts not to produce enough tears, blockage of the duct, failure of the tear ducts or lack of nerve stimulation to the tear ducts. Treatment is dependent upon how severe the condition is.

Five: Demodectic skin mites. This is a common problem among many dogs and comes in two forms. The first form, localized demodectic mange, appears as small hairless patches of skin that looks health. This form is seen in dogs under one year of age. The second form is generalized demodectic mange, which appears in one large patch of hairless healthy looking skin and can appear in a dog of any age.

There are many more health conditions that you should look out for if you own or intend to own a pug. If you suspect that your dog has any of the problems listed above or problems that may not be listed make an appointment with your vet and have your dog evaluated. The problem could be very serious, especially if left untreated.

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