Great Home Prepared Dog Food for Poodle

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Great Home Prepared Dog Food for Poodle

Did you know that a poodle is among the top three most intelligent canines in the world? You probably have a poodle right now and you know exactly what I mean. He (or is it she?) is super smart, affectionate and not to mention really good-looking. Naturally, you only want the best for your pet right? Get a great home prepared dog food for poodle in this excellent article today.

Dog Food for Poodle

Home Prepared Dog Food for PoodlePoodles are highly energetic canines. Make it a point to serve him a diet that has 20% crude protein and 20% fat regularly. You can get this from high-grade and fresh meat. It is reported that Poodles do not process turkey and pork too well so stick with beef and chicken servings. Chop them into very small pieces and make sure to remove the bones to prevent any choking incidents.

Raw Dog Food for Poodle

As much as possible, give your pets a raw dog food diet. In addition to meat, include fresh vegetables and fruits to his meals. You will see a big difference in their general well-being and their appearance. More than that, you can be sure that the natural nutrients as found in natural Raw Dog Food for Poodlefare will greatly improve their health.

Poodle Health Problems

This particular breed of dogs is more susceptible to certain canine diseases. As such, it will be extremely beneficial to your pet that you give him food that contains the minerals to impede the progression of these diseases. What are some of these sicknesses that Poodles are more inclined to contract? Some of these are eye problems like cataracts, skin issues, allergies, hip dysplasia and Von Willebrand’s disease.

Improve your dog’s vision by giving him leafy green vegetables, purple berries, carrots and sesame seeds. Chamomile and Echincea are two herbs that have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that can also be used topically to ward off eye infections, or serve as a saline solution to his cloudy eyes.

Celery, mango, papaya, parsley and asparagus are ingredients that help delaying the progress of arthritis. Yogurt, cottage cheese, fish oils also contain important minerals that are very beneficial to the dog’s health. You can also boil liver and slice it in bite-sized pieces to give your dog for treats. Be careful not to give him too much organ meat however, because doing so may be toxic to him.

Monitor Your Poodle’s Food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food for PoodleMonitor your Poodle’s meals carefully. It is better to give him three to four small meals throughout the day, rather than the typical one or two big meals. Check the amount of snacks you feed him. Sometimes we do not realize that we are already exceeding the recommended daily calorie intake of our dogs because of unsupervised doggie snacks. Be aware of this because overweight dogs have a tendency to be more vulnerable to many canine diseases.

Home Prepared Dog Food for Poodle

Now, you may not always be able to provide a home prepared dog food for Poodle so do the best with what you have. Serve him the best healthy dog food you can find and add fresh meat or a scoop of cottage cheese in the dish. You can also give him supplements and you should take him out for light exercise daily.

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