German Shepherd Names

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German Shepherd Names

German Shepherd NamesIf you’re thinking of adding a large dog breed, such as a German Shepherd, to your “family”, you’ll probably be interested in German Shepherd names as opposed to general dog names – after all, you don’t want a big, “tough” looking dog to protect you, with a name like “Tootles”, do you?I’ve been thinking about this issue lately, and trying to come up with breed appropriate names – German Shepherd names for German Shepherd dogs, and so on. I started to come up with a few, but I got lazy when I found a fellow who has already done the legwork for me.He has some wonderfully novel ideas for names that might interest you. I’ll be posting a couple of his articles here at in the coming days. Let me know (by commenting below) what you think of the names he suggests for the various breeds.

So here goes for the suggested German Shepherd names:

Finding good German Shepherd dog names is no easy task. When one considers that this breed has consistently ranked as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, it’s no wonder that you as a lucky owner will want to find a name that fits like glove.

A couple of things you may have struggled with when coming up with a name, is whether to give your Shepherd a general dog name, meaning a good dog name that might be shared by other dogs, or a German dog name, meaning one that reflects this breeds country of origin.

Well have no fear, for this article will share with you puppy name suggestions that will cover both of these categories. Keeping in mind that the German Shepherd is such an intelligent, hard working breed, when coming up with these names we intentionally stayed clear of foo-foo dog names. You certainly won’t find any names like Sparky, or Puddles on this list!

In our first category we’ve picked a few general names that we felt might fit this breed. We hope you’ll agree.

General German Shepherd Names… Apollo: Like the ancient Roman god, this dog has a presence of it’s own.

Duke: A stately name for the dog who rules your palace. German Shepherd Names

Majestic: A good name for a dog that is just that

Rambo: For the Shepherd who thrives on adventure.

Tiara: A feminine, yet strong sounding female name.

Other general names

Avalanche, Freedom, Genghis, Harley, K-9, Max, Ninja, Rio, Saber, Sarge, Summer, Thunder, Tia

In this next category, we’ve listed German dog names and their meanings. Hopefully, by providing the meanings, it will make choosing the right name easier, and the name more special to you and your dog.

German Dog Names… Boy Names and their meanings

Arnold – Eagle, Powerful

Axel – Father of peace

Barrett – Strong as a bear

Bruno – Brown haired German Shepherd Names

Conrad – Brave counsel

Hank – Ruler of the estate

Jaegar – Hunter

Kaiser – Leader

Karl -A free man

Lance – Knight’s attendant

Otto – Rich, wealthy

Reinhard – Brave, or a fox

other boy names

Audi, Autobahn, Atlas, Attila, Beethoven, Blitz, Boris, Brando, Caspar, Conan, Einstein, Fabian, Franz, Freud, Fritz, Gunther, Gustav, Hannibal, Hanns, Herman, Igor, Klaus, Luger, Max, Mozart, Navarone, Reinold, Rembrandt, Romel, Rudy, Schnaps, Siegfried, Wolfgang

Girl Names and their meanings

Adele – Noble, kind

Alison – Of noble birth

Anna – Gracious German Shepherd Names

Berta – Intelligent; Glorious

Brigitte – Strong spirited

Brooke – A stream

Elke – Noble and kind

Elsa – Noble

Emily – Industrious

Emma – All embracing

Gretchen – Little pearl

Heidi – Noble and kind

Katrina – Pure

Steffi – A garland or crown

other girl names

Adelle, Avita, Babette, Bavaria, Blanca, Brandy, Brita, Danika, Elke, Elsa, Enya, Fraeulein, Hannah, Kalif, Kasandra, Kazimir, Misha, Noeska, Rachel, Sabine

I’m sure you’ll agree that your Shepherd deserves the best, not only in it’s care, but also the care you show when choosing the best name possible. Considering that you’ll be using that same name over 30,000 times over your dogs lifetime, you can see how important choosing the right German Shepherd dog name can be.

When Richard Livitski isn’t busy digging up German Shepherd Names, he’s working on his dog names website where dog names and puppy names in all shapes and sizes can be found.Article Source:

So let me know what you think of these German Shepherd name suggestions, by leaving your comments below.  (Myself, I take serious umbrance to calling a dog by my name – NOT on, in my book!)

Or maybe you have some even better German Shepherd names? Something unique that you’ve given your dog, perhaps?

Leave your comments below!

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    hello i have three german shephards two girls called kiara and shakira and a boy called storm my friend has one called triska

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