Small Dog Breeds

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Small Dog Breeds

Small Dog Breeds

Small Dog BreedsSmall dog breeds are hugely popular with many people because of their size.  If you live in a small house, apartment or flat a smaller dog is easier to keep.  When choosing a puppy from the small dog breed there are many different breeds to choose from, all with their own characteristics.  Here are a few of the different breeds.

The Bichon Frise is well known of the small dog breed for their beautiful white puffball coat.  These little dogs are very affectionate and make a great family pet that get along with children, adults and other pets.  They are a highly affectionate little dog and don’t like being left on their own for to long.  The Bichon Frise is a great little indoor dog requiring minimal exercise, a few little daily walks should be sufficient.  Grooming is necessary to keep the beautiful pure white coat from matting.  The breeds are unsuitable as guard dogs or to live outside.

The Border terrier, or affectionately known as BT is a cute spunky little terrier with a coarse, wiry double coat.  He is an extremely intelligent little dog with dark lively eyes, short muzzle, black nose and small ears.  Border terriers are very alert, active and agile dogs, probably because these dogs were bred to hunt, and squeeze themselves down little holes.  They can soon run across course terrain at a high speed.

Small Dog BreedsThe Boston terrier is known for having a sunny disposition, a native American breed.  This dog loves to go for walks; they are a compact well muscled little dog great house pets and companions.  In America this is one of the most popular breeds who has rightfully been given the name of the American Gentleman, and has a fantastic affectionate nature.  These dogs may only be small but they’ll soon let you no if someone is at the door.

Cairn Terriers are hardy active dogs; they are free in movement, strong, but not heavily built.  They are great little house dogs and very good with children, very energetic and alert.  You will hear them barking if any strangers are near the home, great house dogs.  They differ to other terrier breeds; the head is shorter and wider with masses of hair giving a foxy expression still a cute dog, always ready for a walk.

Of all the small dog breeds that resembles lady out of the Disney classic (Lady and the Tramp), has to be the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This breed is known for its beautiful eyes and long fluffy ears.  It has a flat skull with the muzzle conical in shape, they may only be small dogs but they have a solid muscular body.  There are four colors to this breed, Blenhiem, Ruby, Black and Tan and lastly the Tri-color.  They will be fine living in an apartment or flat providing they are given sufficient walks.

The Chinese Crested breed makes an excellent family dog and is very intelligent.  They are not prone to outbursts of energy like some breeds; the hairless variety can often be the cause of conversation with a total stranger asking about the breed. There are hairless breeds that have hair on its head, tail and feet.  They have a wide skull, long muzzle, dark eyes and large ears, their body size ranges between small to medium.  Powder puff breed has a long coat.

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  1. Jennie

    I would love to see an article on and in ‘small breed of dogs’-namely:
    (1) long haired Chihuahua
    (2) Papillon,and (Phalene), very rarely mentioned anywhere – why, they are the most gorgeous little beauties?
    Would love to read accurate, informative info on these two wonderful breeds.

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