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Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs

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If you have a large breed dog, then you have probably heard all about hip dysplasia, since it is a common occurrence in large breeds. Hip dysplasia’s counterpart, elbow dysplasia, also occurs frequently in certain breeds. Elbow dysplasia is just as serious as hip dysplasia, so it is important that you are able to recognize the signs of the disease.

Natural Dog Food and Its Benefits to an Animal’s Health

Unlike other animals, dogs require optimum health care and regular meals. Dogs used to just be fed the leftovers from the family meal. Today, more people are feeding their pets with carefully prepared food products. Almost all commercially made brands contain chemical additives that can be dangerous for dogs, and many animal nutritionists and even some vets now recommend natural dog food to ensure good… Read more »

Health Problems in Dalmations

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Dalmatians are easy to spot because of their spots! They are a beautiful dog breed, but they are also prone to some specific health concerns. If you are considering adopting a Dalmatian, you should be aware of certain signs so that you can be alert for any health issues concerning your future pet.

Canine Hip Dysplasia

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What is canine hip dysplasia? To put it simply, this is when the ball and socket of the canine’s thigh and hip bone are not fitted perfectly together. It may also be that the connective tissue that bonds the two joints together are not strong enough to firmly keep the thigh bone fit properly in the socket of the hip… Read more »