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Health Problems in Dalmations

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Dalmatians are easy to spot because of their spots! They are a beautiful dog breed, but they are also prone to some specific health concerns. If you are considering adopting a Dalmatian, you should be aware of certain signs so that you can be alert for any health issues concerning your future pet.

Rottweiler Training

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If you love large dog breeds but are unsure of adopting one because they seem too hard to train you’ll be happy to know that you are wrong. As with all dog training, if you have the consistency, patience and the right tools it won’t be long before your dog will be the perfectly behaved fellow all pet owners love to… Read more »

Mastiff Health

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Your Mastiff health should never be overlooked. Everybody loves the Mastiff. This big, strong dog is one of the most popular breeds around. If you plan on buying a puppy or adopting a Mastiff, here are a few things you need to know about Mastiff health so you can be sure that you can spend many, happy years with him…. Read more »