Pet Clippers

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Pet Clippers

dog groomingDog grooming is a big business nowadays. Pet owners love their dogs, but they don’t always have enough time or energy to groom them the way they would want. If you love dogs and are interested in making some money on the side, you might want to go into a pet-care grooming business. If you do, one of the things you will need is excellent quality pet clippers.

Before you start your business, learn as much as you can in grooming dogs. Not all pet owners might have your vision of a Mohawk-ed poodle so you might want to find other conventional styles and varieties that will be appreciated. Practice on your dog and the dogs of other family and friends so you have a lot of experience before grooming a paying client’s beloved hound.

You should look only for the best tools. Of course, you want the highest quality for your dog– it’s the same thing with every loving master. Do not look for the cheapest products, they might conk out on you and even harm the dog. Go online and participate in forums. Find out what other pet owners and expert dog groomers have to say on the various kinds of canine grooming tools around.

pet clippersThere are several kinds of pet clippers and blades available on the market. You need different blades for different types of coats. There are some dogs that have double coating, you need to know how to best shear these types of canines. Invest in durable snap-on combs and reliable dog shears to help you give the dogs the best trim ever.

Sometimes the blades in the pet clippers can get too hot. You need to apply a coolant or lubricant on them so you don’t burn your dog. Now when you put the coolant on the pet clipper, wipe off the excess with a clean cloth so you do not smear oily substance on the newly cleaned fur.  If you don’t have any coolant handy, just turn the clipper off frequently to keep it cool, or switch to another clipper.

Also, choose a dog clipper that isn’t too loud and noisy. Many canines, especially puppies that haven’t been properly socialized yet, may get scared with the loud buzzing noise that the clipper makes. If they are scared, it will be harder for you to trim them properly. Employ the help of a friend or an assistant to hold the dog while you clip them.

pet clippersWhen you have successfully groomed your dog, make sure you brush them off nicely. Inspect them to see if you’ve trimmed them evenly, especially around the more sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and his back area. Give them a yummy doggie treat so they will remember you in a positive light.

So, do you think you have what it takes to put up your own dog grooming business? Click on the links in this article to find excellent pet clippers and other quality products that will help you achieve your pet-care business goals today.

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