Yorkie Training

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Yorkie Training

Yorkie TrainingSmall dog breeds like yorkies are a cute addition to any family. They bring a lot of fun and entertainment to the home. However, no matter how cute your yorkie is, you must not forget the importance of canine training. Yorkie training is essential if you want to maintain an orderly and clean household.

Due to their petite size, people sometimes neglect to train yorkies because they think that they won’t be too much of a trouble anyway. They may be small, but these little fur balls can be quite high-strung, noisy and problematic when they are not properly trained. It is vital that you train them as early as 7 weeks old in order to have an obedient and happy adult dog when he grows up.

How do you train yorkies? We need to understand that yorkies are energetic, loving and seYorkie Trainingnsitive dogs. They catch on to the inflections of your voice easily. Use a firm voice when you train him so he understands that you are the boss. Conversely, you must also take care to not be too strong with him otherwise he will withdraw and be afraid of you.

Create a healthy balance by making yorkie training as fun as possible for him. Include games, toys and a lot of doggie treats during each training session. If they associate being trained as a positive event, they will look forward to “school” time with you and this will make it easier for them to learn.

Yorkies have a shoYorkie Trainingrt attention span. Keep training sessions at 10 minutes only, and then play with him for a little while before you resume training. This will keep him interested in you and what you are teaching him. Train him in a relatively quiet area where there are a few distractions. If there are other animals or play things around, he may not be able to concentrate on you and the lesson.

Because yorkies have a short memory, you need to be consistent in the commands you teach him. Do the same command over and over again for a few days at a time. And always use the same word or phrasing every time. Do not forget to establish the command or good behavior by giving him doggie treats for each successful attempt.

Talk to the other members of your household regarding the trainiYorkie Trainingng of your dog. All of you must come to agreement on what is acceptable doggie behavior. One person cannot spoil the dog, while another person is “The Strict One”. You must all show him that he is loved and taken cared of, but he must know his place in the pack or family in this case. When you do, you will have a well-rounded and happy dog in the family.

Dog training is not a luxury– it is a necessity for the responsible pet owner. Learn more about yorkie training and other helpful resources when you go to the links provided in this article today. Have fun!

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