Simplified Puppy Training Tips Uncovered

by Melissa Simmonds

Puppy Training TipsAnyone who has ever brought home a puppy knows that the best days are yet to come. Sure puppies are among the most adorable creatures ever. But watching them learn and discover the world is what makes them so precious to us.

In their growing up and learning years, it is important that you instill them with correct practices and proper behavior early on. House training a puppy is simultaneously frustrating and fun. Regardless, you have to be there and teach them. Here are some puppy training tips that will help make your job a lot easier.

It’s so easy to spoil the puppy fur balls. Let them get away with the mischievous little tricks that are just so cute. What harm could it do right? Wrong. You have to set yourself as their master early on. Don’t let them get away with bad behavior at any time. You can play with them but be firm and authoritative when the need arises. Once they submit to your leadership, training them will be much simpler.

To train effectively you must open commPuppy Training Tipsunications that your dog will understand and obey. More often than not it’s not the dog’s stubbornness that makes him not follow you, it’s his confusion on what you really mean. Use the same word or phrase every time. If you use “Sit!” don’t use “Down, boy!” anymore. Be repetitive in your obedience training.

Puppies understand the language of praise. If you want him to distinctly remember a certain behavior, praise him enthusiastically during the actual act. He will associate the favorable sensation of being commended with that particular act. He will strive to gain more praise and repeat it.

On the other hand, it is permissible to discipline your dog by admonishing him sharply for wrong conduct. You can use spray guns to squirt water to rebuke him but never hit him. Hitting your puppy will result in fearful and aggressive dogs that will not be good around people.

Socialization is especially effective when practiced regularly until the puppy is about 3 months of age. He will grow up to be a friendly and well rounded dog, able to interact with humans and canines alike. Take him to places where there are a lot of people. LPuppy Training Tipset him play with other dogs you know are clean and healthy. Let him get accustomed to strange objects to dogs like vacuum cleaners, cars, other animals. When he ages, he is less likely to be intimidated and fearful of things and people.

With these puppy training tips, expect a confident and well-adjusted dog in a few years. It is an enjoyable and rewarding past time to house train a puppy as long as you do it right.

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  1. margaret howson

    very interesting article on GDV, about which i know only too well, having lost my beloved GSd bitch Liebe II to it in January this year, i knew all abot the not feeding before exercise etc, she got through the op but went into shock and died it was quite devasting i am still very upset, even though I now have Liebe III .

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