How To Manage Canine Diabetes

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How To Manage Canine Diabetes

Canine DiabetesWhat is canine diabetes? Most pet owners hate the thought of their beloved dog being sick and indeed, dog diabetes is a common and dreaded canine sickness. Fortunately, it can be managed easily enough with the right treatment, diet and exercise.

Diabetes in dogs is also sometimes referred to as diabetes mellitus. This is caused by the dog’s pancreas  inability to produce sufficient insulin that his body needs. His body then responds by generating excess glucose that oftentimes cannot be effectively processed by his kidneys. Therefore, you will notice that a common symptom of diabetes is polyuria or frequent urinating, and polydipsia or extreme thirstiness.

Other symptoms include weight loss, unusual appetite, intolerance of exercise, dehydration and visual problems. If diabetes is left untreated for a while, he may develop more alarming symptoms like depression, vomiting, weakness, foul breath and rapid breathing.

The treatment administered to dogs with diabetes is threefold: insulin treatments, the right diet, and regular exercise. When you make a concentrated effort to improve upon his diet and exercise, as well as give his insulin therapy faithfully, your dog can enjoy a relatively healthy and happy existence.

Canine DiabetesYou can have your dog take his insulin shots by a vet. However, if you prefer to give his shots yourself you can, just have your vet educate you on the proper handling, administrating and storing of the medications. Do not keep pricking the same site when you give the injection, otherwise the dog might develop scars that may impede insulin absorption. Only use the appropriate syringes and dispose of them properly after use.

A good diet is critical in ensuring your diabetic dog’s well-being. Give him healthy food that is rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. Natural Balance is an excellent dog food brand that you can give him. This dog food brand uses only the best ingredients. Natural Balance does not include artificial flavorings and colorings which is very good because the closer the ingredients are to their natural form, the more organic and beneficial they are to your pet.

Canine DiabetesEven if you do give your dog healthy food, monitor his meals and snacks consistently. An obese dog is more likely to develop diabetes and other canine sicknesses (like arthritis and heart problems). Look for dietary supplements with helpful herbs that specifically target to impede the progress of this disease. Some examples of these herbs are Chromium, Gurmar, Bilberry and Bejak.

Exercise is not only valuable because it keeps the canine’s weight to a minimum it also aids in the better absorption of insulin in his system. This significantly reduces glucose concentration levels, thereby improving his health. Take your dog out for walks, swims or regular play time.

There you have it, the three best ways in managing canine diabetes. Take care of your pet as best as you could and don’t forget to have fun with him. When you do, you will have great memories and experiences that no sickness can ever take away.

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