Diabetic Dog Food

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Diabetic Dog Food

Diabetic Dog FoodCanine diabetes is a serious health condition that needs to be addressed properly at the earliest possible time. When left untreated, it can become a cause for pain for the poor animal and more than that, even lead to its eventual demise. Regular insulin therapy, diabetic dog food and good exercise are excellent ways to manage your dog’s condition.

Diabetes in dogs are usually hereditary in nature; however it can also be triggered when a dog acquires certain sicknesses that affect insulin production; one such example is Cushing’s disease. Diabetes is extremely dangerous and warrants your attention because it affects one in every ten dogs, and it can irreversible affect the rest of your dog’s system, eventually rendering him incapacitated or killing him if it is not treated properly.

Diabetic Dog FoodPerhaps the most obvious sign that the dog has diabetes is if he urinates more and if he is thirsty more often. The dog is unable to metabolize glucose adequately so the dog tries to eliminate the excess glucose in his body by urinating more frequently. This results in dehydration which translates to increased water intake. If your dog seems unusually thirsty even without him having to exert a lot of physical activity, it is likely that your dog may be suffering from some form of diabetes.

Lethargy and unexplained changes in his weight are other symptoms of diabetes, although these are also common symptoms for other canine diseases. Make sure that you have your pet undergo a thorough physical examination by the vet to correctly diagnose the health concern that your dog has. An accurate prognosis is the first step to treating your dog.

Diabetic Dog FoodIf you do discover that your dog has diabetes, you need to educate yourself on how to properly administer insulin to your dog (unless you plan to bring him to the vet for his every shot). You may also have to alter the schedule of his feeding because insulin shots should be taken closely with his meals. Do not assume to prescribe the amount and frequency of the insulin shots. Smaller dogs will need a lower dose of insulin from the heavier dogs and you do not want to overdose the poor pup and aggravate his health.

While diabetes, when detected in a timely manner can be managed fairly easily, you will do well to control its progress early on. Diabetic dog food and supplements have an immeasurable value in making this possible.

Diabetic dogs require a different diet than regular dogs. It is recommended that you put them on a high-fiber and high-carbohydrate diet that is low in fat and sugar. Monitor their food intake carefully because overweight dogs are more susceptible to the ill effects of diabetes. There are also herbal dietary supplements that have properties that impede the progress of diabetes naturally and safely.

Some examples of these herbs are Chromium and Bilberry. They stimulate Gymnema Sylvestre or Gurmarinsulin production and help regulate blood sugar levels of the canine. Bejak decreases the level of glucose in the bloodstream and Gymnema Sylvere or Gurmar treats urinary tract complications as well as optimizes the dog’s blood sugar level. A splash of vinegar in his water bowl improves the absorption of these minerals in his system. Give your dog fresh fruits and vegetables rich with antioxidants to boost his immune system and help develop his strength.

Aside from an excellent diet, exercise is an important factor in improving your dog’s diabetic condition. There are many benefits of exercise. It aids in controlling hyperglycemia (high levels of glucose in the blood) because of increased blood flow and appropriate utilization of energy. Exercise helps in absorbing insulin and the other vitamins better by improving the circulation. Also, regular physical exercise keeps the weight of the aniDiabetic Dog Foodmal low, a crucial point in lowering the risk of diabetes.

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