Dog Health Liver

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Dog Health Liver

Dog health liverDog health liver issues is something all pet owners should know about. After all, liver diseases are among the top causes of death in canines the past few years. The best way to avoid this is to know more about canine liver problems and find out how you can keep this from happening to your pet.

There are many possible causes of dog liver disease. Hepatitis, congenital abnormalities, infections, bad diet, diabetes, exposure to drugs and chemicals are some of the more common reasons why dogs are experiencing liver problems.

You can expect certain symptoms to arise when a dog has liver problems. These symptoms include lethargy, a distended tummy, restlessness, bleeding, stool with unusual color, and yellowish skin and eyes (jaundice). There are also instances where the dogs suffering from overworked liver vomit or defecate with traces of blood in their discharge.

Dog health liverUnfortunately, when the dog shows these signs and symptoms, the disease is usually pretty well-advanced already. Because the liver functions to eliminate toxic substances from the body, it is imperative that this critical organ is not taxed to its maximum capacity with bad diet and excessive chemicals found in medications and processed food. Perhaps the best thing you can do to prevent dog health liver from deteriorating is providing your pet with excellent dog health food.

You may find a lot of commercial pet food today that are inexpensive, but do not go for them because of the price. More often than not, these cheap dog food are detrimental to your dog’s over-all health. Check the labels in the dog food. Avoid dog food brands that contain a lot of preservatives and artificial additives that contribute to his poor health. Premium pet food may cost you a few extra dollars, but you will end up saving more because you won’t have to spend for expensive treatment and medications that a sick dog needs.

Protein is an essential element in a dog’s diet. However, if the dog’s liver problem has escalated to hepatic encephalopathy (a condition due to the liver’s inability to properly process ammonia in the system), you should avoid giving sick dogs high protein diets. Dogs that are suffering from hepatic encephalopathy exhibit signs of bad coordination, drooling, disorientation, weakness and reduced mental alertness. If your dog is showing these symptoms, you need to get him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dog health liverWhen you change your dog’s diet to one more appropriate to his health requirements, make sure you do so gradually. You do not want to aggravate the situation by stress that sudden changes in lifestyle. Zinc, silymarin, milk thistle as well as vitamins B complex, C, E and K are very helpful in promoting good dog health liver.

Your time and effort in learning more about this can help save your dog’s life one day. Invest in these resources today and be rewarded with a happy and healthy canine tomorrow. You can find valuable resources on dog health liver by clicking here!.

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